Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Happiness Boutique | Ivory Flowers Statement Necklace ♥

I was recently contacted by Happiness Boutique and was very kindly asked if I would like to receive one of their beautiful statement necklaces for feature on the blog, I of course obliged being a big fan of jewellery. I absolutely love their website, it's fresh and just exudes a sense of cool, it kind of has an Instagram vibe (does this even make sense to other people?) to it and I love how it appeals to bloggers too, with pictures of gorgeous fashion bloggers adorned their fabulous outfits with Happiness Boutique jewellery - love!

I spent ages browsing through their stunning range of statement necklaces, falling in love with pastel coloured gems and vintage inspired pieces but the necklace I just couldn't forget about was the Ivory Flowers Statement Necklace and I just had to have it as part of my ever-growing jewellery collection. I think it's my love of daisies that made me fall in love with this piece, the design just reminds me of those dainty little flowers and it's so pretty. The ivory colour of the flower petals is just perfect for pairing with all manners of outfit choices, I've regularly been wearing it with my navy blouse and it looks so pretty, the perfect piece to adorn the neckline. The petals on this necklace are movable too, which I think it a rather fun touch and I find myself playing with them a lot during the day. I love the chunky bronze chain of the necklace, it's quite a contrast to the dainty look of the flowers but it's a fab combo and the bronze of the chain is mirrored in the bronze gem in the center of each flower, I love the attention to detail. I'm so glad I chose this particular necklace because it really is something quite special.

Happiness Boutique offer free worldwide shipping, a fact I wish I didn't know because now I need to go and order some more pretty trinkets! They also have a customer rewards programme (I'm all for the rewards!) where points can be earned by purchases and reviews and then used to buy jewellery or clothing from the site.

My Ivory Flowers Statement Necklace is now the perfect accessory to my outfits. It's lovely to have some embellishment on my neckline and it's gotten so many compliments too - it's too pretty to miss!

The Ivory Flowers Statement Necklaces is €26.90 and is available to purchase here.


  1. This is such a gorgous necklace! So jelous!

    Emily x |

  2. Omg thats so pretty =]

  3. This necklace is pretty! I love the ivory color too. It'll match so many different outfits. Flowers are always fun to wear. They're feminine & romantic. :)

  4. Such a pretty necklace. Lucky you.
    I'm at


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