Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fairyland | Cobh, Co. Cork ♥

Do you believe in fairies? I've always believe in anything magical and paranormal, because, lets be honest, I'd rather have the fun and imagination of it all rather than not believe full stop. I also want my son to believe in the wonder of all these things, so when I heard that someone had begun a fairyland in the woods out the back of the island I just had to take Tyler Lee there.

These pictures are from our third visit and fairyland has grown quite substantially since, now stretching down almost as far as the back of the woods. We brought one of Tyler Lee's fairy doors out to the woods to decorate our own little area for the fairies and we actually chose a spot in the woods that I have always loved, the part where a metal headboard is stuck into a tree. This used to be the gate of an old den and I was always intrigued by it as a child on my many strolls down to the woods. Some lady passing by with her children joked that we "had prime real estate in the woods", I'd say she's right! We had great fun as a family placing the door amongst the mossy trunk of the tree, tying baby blue twine onto the gate, trees and Jacek even made a little fence and little trees with snowflakes on them, I was impressed with his creativity!

 The wood is now dotted with children's little fairy and fairy door creations, little knick knacks to capture children's attention and lots of fun things to look at everywhere. This is Tyler Lee's favourite part of the wood. He is obsessed with the metal bowl and spoon and the glass pebbles inside, I've told him it's the fairies breakfast!

The woods is now the perfect place to go for a walk, especially with the little ones in tow and as you can see from the pictures of Tyler Lee, there's so much for them to interact with too. He loved the little fairy washing lines and wanted to iron the clothes! What I thought was an absolutely lovely idea was that someone left a jar to place your wishes on along with a notebook to write them down and lean on, it was such a lovely touch.

 I really love all the little fairy dolls dotted around the wood, especially the blonde, curly haired ones - can you guess who they remind me of? They're all handmade too which is so lovely to see. All the embellishments around the wood now just make it so much more magical. People have been so creative with their creations, wrapping shiny beads, flower garlands and lights around trees, sticking little windmills, butterflies and fairies on sticks in the ground and also hanging ribbons, strings and dreamcatchers off trees, it really is all so beautiful to look at.

I really love how the woods has turned into something so positive for the community. Last year this particular woodland was forgotten about, rubbish was being dumped at the entrance and the path was so overgrown that you couldn't even walk up there without battering the greenery that was in your way, it was really sad to see. Now it has been transformed into a much loved place, a place full of magic, wonder and positivity for all to see and enjoy. I hope it continues to grow and be loved, because, lets face it, who can ever not be excited about the prospect of seeing fairies?!

We'll continue to visit Fairyland on a regular basis and may even add some more fairy doors and embellishments to our 'prime real estate' - I'm still laughing at that one! Not only did Tyler Lee enjoy Fairyland but Jacek and I quite enjoyed it too. I never thought I'd see the day when my 31 year old other half would be creating a fairy fence out of twigs, twine and snowflake confetti!


  1. Hi Fiona, It's a Great Idea! And Your Blog is Awesome!!
    Keep it up

  2. How cute is this?! Absolutely adorable! I want to go to fairy land haha

  3. Omg its adorable, id love to go there, i love fairies =]

  4. Oh my goodness this looks absolutely adorable! x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♡

  5. Beautiful photos and a beautiful description of Fairyland . Well done

  6. Hi guys. Is this still up and running. Looks awesome. Sam 0834003940


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