Thursday, July 09, 2015

Wickey Sand Pit Flip | Review ♥

I was recently asked if I would like to review the Wickey Flip Sand Pit* and as the mother to an active and curious little two year old boy who loves sand, I graciously and gladfully accepted. It was the perfect time to review the sandpit too as summer is here and I was Tyler Lee to spend as much time as he possibly can outdoors. The sandpit is now the perfect addition to our garden and he's been having lots of fun with it, not only playing with the sand but hopping from bench to bench too on either side - oh the games little ones come up with!

Now I have to admit, assembling the sand pit did take some time. I left the task to my stepdad and Jacek and for the life of them they couldn't work out the instructions. Eventually they figured out a way to put it together correctly but it did take a couple of hours. It was worth it though (says she who didn't have to do it!) because it really is a feature in the garden now and gives our boy hours of fun - which far outweighs the time it took to put together in my opinion! In fact, he's playing in it right now as I write this post, I'm watching him through the sliding doors, he's having an absolute ball with the sand and a watering-can of all things!

The sandpit arrived as plain wood, but as I love to paint everything and really wanted the sandpit to be a feature in the garden, I painted it in a beautiful duck egg blue. It only took about an hour to paint so if you're like myself and are considering buying this sandpit but would also like to paint it then know that this is an option. The design of the sandpit is fantastic, it contains a large pit for the sand - we also received the 3W Sand Safe Foil to protect the bottom of the sand pit and to keep weeds, bugs and dirt away from the play sand. The sand pit has two sturdy benches on each side, perfect if your little one fancies a sit down while playing or wants to hop up and down from each one (which my boy favours!). I've even sat on the benches to watch Tyler Lee playing and building his sand creations, I think they're such a lovely addition to the sandpit.

What's great about the Sand Pit Flip is that it really does flip! The benches fold over easily to cover the top of the sandpit. This is great if it rains or if you have animals around your garden and want to keep them out of the sand when it's not being played with. It even looked lovely when it's covered over, my Dad thought it was a swimming pool because it was blue! It took four bags of play sand to fill the sand pit up as much as we wanted but there is room for more sand if you'd like it to be a bit fuller.

The Wickey Sand Pit Flip really is such a great product and addition to our garden. As it's made of strong, sturdy wood it will stand the test of time and is perfect for playing with in all seasons - if they weather is dry of course! Wickey also have a range of other fantastic wooden outdoor toys such as some impressive climbing frames, which I know Tyler Lee would absolutely love too. He is obsessed with climbing frames and slides at the playground so having one in our own garden would be an absolute dream to have one day.

The Wickey Sand Pit Flip is currently on offer for £59.95 and is well worth the investment. I highly recommend it as it's suitable for children of all ages and is the perfect toy to grace the garden, especially during these lovely summer months.

*We were very kindly sent the Wickey Sand Pit Flip to review, as always, all opinions are 100% my own.



  1. I really like the look of this, the benches are an awesome idea! Also I love the colour you choose to paint it, it really looks fantastic in your garden! xx

  2. Oh wow! Teagan would really love that!!!! I need to get her a sand box. But living in Florida makes it difficult to keep the sand clean and dry. Even if you cover it, it still manages to get yucky.

  3. Looks amazing! You`ve done such a great job with it! Great review :) xx

  4. That sandpit is beautiful and I love the colour you've painted it :) x

  5. I love the look of this and i adore the colour you have painted it. Tyler Lee look's like he is having a great time playing with his new sandpit and i bet he has so much fun during the summer with it. My two would love something like this as they love being out in the garden playing xx


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