Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekenders | Pet Sitting, Baking & Carbooting ♥

The weekends seem to roll around so quickly these days and I cannot believe that this is already my third Weekenders post since I began the series - crazy! This weekend was one of the ones I hate as Jacek was working all weekend and the weather is still so dull, gloomy and grey here in Cork, in fact, it's spitting rain as I write this post - come on Irish weather, it's July, where is the sun?!

My weekend was spent pet sitting, both for my parents cat and dog and for my mothers friends dogs too - good thing I love animals! My little boy was helping me out too, he loves the cat and dogs too and is always ready to give them a pet. His new 'thing' is picking up the cat, he loves her, although, he doesn't quite understand that she's 17 years old and a bit delicate now. He is always calling the female dogs and says their names, Tilly and Shelley, so adorably! We've been going between these two houses this weekend looking after the animals, making sure they're fed and watered as well as having a bit of playtime and a walk too. Pet sitting gave Tyler Lee and I a much welcome chance to spend time in my parents, and the other person whose dogs we were minding, gardens. I finally got to capture the poppies with my proper camera and loved capturing the sights of the orchard too as we took the dogs for a walk.

 On Saturday I decided to do a spot of baking because I hadn't made any treats for awhile. I decided to make hazelnut cupcakes and to add a little bit of something extra to them I added in a dollop of Nutella to the centre of each cupcake before they went into the oven. I then iced them with some creamy vanilla icing, gave a generous sprinkling of little coloured balls and topped them off with a wafer flower to give them a summery feel. Well, they went down a storm! My boys loved them, my stepdad had a couple when he called for a coffee and a catch up on Sunday and I also brought some of them to my grandparents house when Tyler Lee and I visited on Sunday afternoon. I really do love baking and it's great to be able to offer family and friends a homemade treat when they call or when we go visiting.

I've been determined to go to a carboot sale in my area for ages now and on Sunday I finally managed it. I was up at the ungodly hour of half five thanks to my toddler and left for the carboot at twenty past seven. I've been to carboot sales in Jersey where you can pick up some amazing bargains, all less than £2 but here in Ireland people don't really seem to get the concept of a carboot and want to sell everything for €10 and up! I picked up two upcycled chairs, which I may or may not repaint myself. The rose patterned one is going to sit at my blogging desk and I have no idea what to do with the other. I may reupholster it with a blue fabric and pop it into Tyler Lee's room for when I'm reading to him at night. I also picked up this super cool, retro Kodak instant camera. The strap reminded me of the Instagram colours and although the end is cracked I'm sure it'll still work, I just need to pop some batteries in and get some film. I also got two pastel coloured plant pots which will be perfect to sit on my shabby chic chair in the garden.

 On Saturday Tyler Lee and I spent the afternoon napping (which we very much needed!) and when we woke up in the late afternoon I decided it'd be the perfect time to go shopping, thinking that the shops would be quiet of course, oh how wrong I was... I got these two t-shirts for Tyler Lee from Next, he had a voucher left over from his birthday and I love the print on the 'wild one' top and the 'prince' on is perfect for him as I call him prince sometimes and plus it's the name of a Deftones song - yes, I do think about these things when shopping for clothes for my son, don't judge me... I spent my Sunday night colouring in my Alice in Wonderland adult colouring book. This is the first page I've done and I like how psychedelic is turned out. Now I can't wait to do the rest.

All in all it turned out to be a good weekend. It is nice to have some quality time with my boy but we're very happy that Jacek has the whole weekend off this week so hopefully we'll get to do something nice.

My Weekenders post is now a weekly thing to inspire me to make the most of our weekends as a family and I've also decided to make it a weekly link up too so please do feel free to pop by the blog every Monday to link up any posts you have about your weekend. I shall be commented on each post linked up over the coming days and can't wait to read about everyone's weekend adventures!



  1. Very pretty chairs. I am looking for something similar myself and planning a car boot sale trip next weekend.

    Gorgeous cupcakes!

  2. That photo of TL and your parents doggie is adorable! Loving the cakes too, actually cannot get enough cakes into me. I'll regret it after I have the baby lol. Must check out my local car boots too, we have 4 within 2 miles of my house. Shame on me!


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