Monday, July 06, 2015

The Perfect Shabby Chic Bedroom | Home Decor Inspiration ♥

 I've made no secret of my love for all things shabby chic, honestly, it is the one home decor style which I am absolutely in love with and if I could decorate every room in my house in this style I would. One room which I have already decorated somewhat in this style is my bedroom but I would love to build on it and make it a perfect shabby chic space, perfect for relaxing in and drawing inspiration from too for pretty blog posts and backgrounds. 

Of course, the most important element in a bedroom is the bed and I love metal bed frames, having had one all through my childhood and teenage years. They really are so pretty and i think they fit in with the shabby chic style quite well. I'd love one in white like this Alice bed featured above. I'd love to have floral bedding such as Cath Kidston's Provence Rose print on the bed along with lots of cushions. I have lots of floral and Parisian themed cushions already and would keep them on the bed, they're such a lovely addition to the bed (once it's made!). I'd also have a canopy over the bed, like I had in my old room (God, I wish I still had my old room, I didn't realise how perfect it was when I had it...).

The colour palette I'd choose would be soft pastels, inspired by the colour palette above. I think those colours are so pretty, especially the pale duck egg blue and pinks, soft furnishings and paint in these colours would be beautiful. For decoration I'd have lots of flowers and vases of fresh flowers on my dressing table and chest of drawers. I buy fresh flowers every second week and love having them in my home, especially in my bedroom. I'd love to get some wooden photo frames, paint them in the pastel colours and hang them in a collage style on the wall. I have lots of beautiful old postcards which I'd like to display in them.

Bedroom storage and furniture is really important to me as it's something that is seriously lacking in my current bedroom. One thing I'd love to have again is a dressing table. I had one in my bedroom in my parents house (which I'd probably upcycle now if I still lived there!) and it's something I really miss having in my current bedroom.  I wouldn't mind upcycling the dressing table or other furniture I'd have in the room to distress it and make it exactly as I'd like. I love the idea of using old, vintage suitcases as a makeshift bedside table like the picture above. It's so unique and really pretty I think, plus the suitcases could be used as extra storage too.

I really do love this style and it's my mission to create a pretty, calming shabby chic space for me to relax and sleep in. I love the florals, vintage and romantic style of it all.

Are you a fan of the shabby chic style?


  1. I moved into my very first single girl apartment about a year ago and am decorating my bedroom shabby chic too. I have always loved this look. Thank-you for the fun idea about painting wooden frames. :)

  2. I love shabby chic! I've seen lots of shabby chic designs to fit in with my wedding, there's so much to choose from. Very fresh and modern but kinda vintage. Love love love it x


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