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Our Family Holiday To Jersey, Channel Islands | Part 1 ♥

Jersey in the Channel Islands is a place I've been lucky enough to visit a lot of times in my life. I first visited in 1998 and have visited every year since then, bar one and last year we even took Tyler Lee on his first holiday to the island. Jersey is such a beautiful island with lots of picturesque sandy beaches, turquoise coloured waters and lots of things to see and do. It's also just an hour and forty minutes flight from Ireland, making it the perfect holiday destination for us. My dad has lived on the island since 1998 and the main purpose of our visit was to see him and his lovely girlfriend Shirley, we hadn't seen them in over a year so it was great to catch up and let Tyler Lee spend some time with his grandad.

What I love about Jersey is that even though it's only a short distance from Ireland it feels like a whole other world. The weather is a whole lot warmer and as we were flying in we thought that the waters looked quite tropical, it left us dying for a swim! The island is quite small in size, just nine miles by five (as my dad keeps reminding me!) but you really wouldn't think it as there's so much to see and we're always finding new places to explore.

We arrived on the afternoon flight from Cork to Jersey, it's great to be able to fly direct, especially as we've Tyler Lee to think about and he doesn't like to stay still for too long! It's was great to see my dad and Shirley after so long and they greeted us with a wooden sign saying 'Tyler Lee' and an iPad to record our arrival - oh the same! Tyler Lee's face just lit up when he saw them, it was so lovely to look back on film. We headed straight to the Watersplash for dinner, located right by the gorgeous beach of St Ouen's, my favourite (and the surfers it seems!) on the island.

After my delicious chili burger dinner (can you say yum?!) I decided to take my little beach bum for a walk down to the water. The tide was way out and it took a few minutes to get down to the shore. Once we did though Tyler Lee was pulling at his clothes and saying "mummy!" for me to take them off so he could dive straight into the sea, he's a water baby for sure!

I didn't bring my camera down to the beach with me so I captured these pictures on my phone, but isn't the light absolutely amazing?! These aren't edited in any way and I absolutely love them. I think I'll have to print them out and hang them somewhere in the house.

My boy was so happy splashing about in the crystal clear tide. I was so happy too just watching him and all the fun he was having, I even went in for a paddle. The weather was perfect, the beach was beautiful and this was the perfect start to our week.

On Wednesday we visited Tamba Park, a fantastic new park for little ones and people of all ages with lots of things to see and do. We had never actually taken Tyler Lee to a park like this before so it was great to visit and experience all the attractions with him.

 Tamba Park had the most beautiful flowers and I couldn't help put snap a few pictures of them. They also had lots of statues and sculptures, all of which are being sold to raise money for charity, how lovely is that?

The first part of the park we went through was the dinosaur walk, which had life-size moving and noisy dinosaurs, a real life Jurassic Park if you will. Tyler Lee has only just learnt what a dinosaur is but was mesmerised looking at them all, I think Jacek enjoyed it too!

After a long stop at the massive playground (oh how our boy loves playgrounds!), we decided to have a go on the boats whilst waiting for our lunch. We got the lifeguard boat and Jacek had great fun driving it around the lake, Tyler Lee on the other hand cried the whole way round because daddy wouldn't let him turn off the engine. Even through all the crying it was quite fun and I just stayed in the back of the boat chilling out.

Tyler Lee enjoying an ice-lolly with his grandad in Tamba Park, it's impossible to get them looking at the camera at the same time!

After our lunch in Tamba Park (that jacket potato covered in chili was the best) we went to Secrets, a secluded spot along St. Ouen's beach, it was perfect there, so peaceful and quiet. My boys and I explored the rock pools which were filled with warm water thanks to the glorious sun. Jacek and I enjoyed some drinks on the beach whilst Tyler Lee played with the two other boys that were with us. I even had a quick dip in the sea, it was perfect.

 Tyler Lee walking along the beach at St. Ouen's. He had a fab time on the sand and down by the water splashing. He's a beach bum for sure.

On Thursday we visited Jersey Lavender Farm, a beautiful, tranquil spot on the island, filled with the most beautiful lavender blooms, the place spelt like Heaven.

We had a great time exploring the farm, walking amongst the patches of lavender and getting lots of sand in our shoes! Tyler Lee had a great time swinging on an old-fashioned swing hanging from a tree with his new ragdoll Billy, bought from the Jersey Lavender Farm gift shop.

Whilst strolling through the Lavender Farm which came across another beautiful garden, Reg's Garden, which turned out to be free to visit and which was filled with the most stunning plants and fun little sights to see such as a pretend horse and carriage, a fairy garden and some little waterfalls.

Tyler Lee sitting in the horse carriage with 'Billy' in Reg's Garden. He kept saying "hello horsie!" - so cute.

Part of the Fairy Garden at Reg's Garden, someone had made a little fairy chair out of bottle caps and wire, it was adorable and so well done.

Tyler Lee hiding from me on the bridge in Reg's Garden. He had an absolute ball exploring all the different parts of the garden and was looking for 'fishies' in the pond.

When we were done exploring Reg's Garden we strolled back into the lavender farm where I captured some gorgeous pictures of my boy running through the lavender fields, you can see some of my photography in my post on Fawns & Fables - Purple Haze Amongst the Lavender.

We had a great time strolling around the Lavender Farm and I shall post some more about our visit during the week. I highly recommend a visit if you ever find yourself in Jersey.

On Friday the weather turned bad so Jacek and I left Tyler Lee with his little friend Riley and walked to St. Helier to do a spot of shopping. We mostly picked up some things for Tyler Lee (coming in a haul post soon) but I did pick up these three gorgeous MAC lipsticks for myself - Creme Cup, Peach Blossom and Creme de la Femme.

It rained in the afternoon so we went in search of a place where we could eat but where the boys could also play in doors and ended up in the Old Portlet Inn, where they have a great play area called Pirate Pete's for the little ones. After a delicious chicken Caesar salad I went healthy and had an Eton Mess with raspberry compote for dessert...
The rest of our family holiday to Jersey and mine and Jacek's visit to another of the Channel Islands, Sark, will be up during the week. As you can see I took a little break from my proper photography for the week and also used my phone a lot too to capture our holiday moments, I just wish my phone's camera was a little bit better, I hope you've enjoyed reading about the first few days of our lovely little break away and will pop back to read part two when it's up.



  1. It looks like a really lovely break, beautiful photos x

  2. Awww loved it. The beach it's something about the beach because its not summer until you find one. I have never been but I would love to explore. I love old cars and vintage things. Love the pictures!

  3. oh that's lovely...I've always wanted to go to jersey, you've definitely made me want to go even more, and flying from cork is perfect!

  4. What a great jersey adventure. the water looked so welcoming while I sit in my a/c house lol
    I so want to get married in the dino walkway!! there is always so much to see and do in jersey. Can't wait for part two. these pictures are amazing and really capture the fun you are having with the family

  5. I have never been to Jersery before but it looks amazing. Those photos of Tyler Lee in the sea are simply stunning xx

  6. Beautiful photos of a great family getaway. I love the look of the ocean, its so peaceful and I love how the second one has like a blue hue. The lavender field is also a very beautiful place. I can imagine getting some great pictures from there.

  7. What an amazing weekend for your family! I love the Dinosaur walk my son would that we went to one at a local zoo here that he loved. The ocean looks so amazing and clear there it’s all so beautiful.

  8. This looks like a great family adventure to the Jersey Channel! I must admit I had to figure out where in the world it is, as on occasion I am sometimes geographically gifted! What gorgeous photos you always have and today, in this dreary, rainy, wintry weather, they really brightened my day!

  9. The curly, little one had a blast at the beach! Jersey sounds like a great place to visit. The garden looks amazing. I could stay there for hours without getting tired of looking at those lovely blooms.

  10. I've never visited Jersey, but it looks amazing. Your photos are all truly breathtaking. The Jersey Lavender Farm gift shop is so pretty. I think the fact that you have visited this area more than once says a lot about the area.

  11. Looks like you had an amazing day! I can't get over the lavender field and how beautiful it looks. I'd love to take lots of pictures in there. Jersey is such a fun place to visit, so much to see and do. - Sarah Must Have Mom

  12. That water is certainly crystal clear alright, isn't it! That's basically the only water I'd allow myself into. I'm so freaked out by even the friendliest of fish, I mean - if I feel them swimmin' around me, i'm OUTTA there. Hah! I know you get this a lot but boy, your son's curls are just so gorgeous and perfect! All the photos of him are just so precious.

  13. Wow your beach pictures are absolutely beautiful- it looks like you had beautiful weather for a beach day! I am so jealous that you were able to visit a lavender patch, I would love this! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!


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