Monday, July 20, 2015

My Personalised Handprint Heart Charm Necklace From Hand On Heart Jewellery ♥

Since my son was born I've completely fallen in love with personalised items. There is something truly unique and special about an item that has been personalised especially for you, or in the case of most of things I buy, for my son. I have featured many personalised items on the blog in the past two years but I recently became the owner of a beautiful handprint heart charm necklace, the most precious piece of jewellery I have ever owned and the first personalised item I have ever gotten for myself (even though it's focused on my son). I got this necklace from Hand On Heart Jewellery, a jewellery company who specialise in personalised pieces that can be engraved with children's actual hand and footprints - amazing right?

I've wanted something like this for ages because I actually don't have any of my sons handprints, apart from a DIY clay ornament I made when he was like six months old. Hand On Heart Jewellery have a wide range of jewellery pieces available but I was really taken with their handprint necklaces. I was really curious as to how Hand On Heart Jewellery would be able to actually get his handprint engraved onto the necklace but it's actually a really simple process - they send you out a sheet and a wipe, which you swipe over your child's hand (or foot if you're getting their footprint) and press it onto the sheet, it's an inkless print but it shows up on the sheet. You then freepost it back to them and they put your necklace together.

The necklace arrived in gorgeous packaging - which made it even more of a treat and it'd actually make a great gift too as it's presented so beautifully in packaging adorned with a ribbon and then a little white plastic box with your piece of jewellery inside, they also sent two mini packs of Loveheart sweets, such a lovely touch. 

When I opened the little white box and saw my necklace engraved with my sons handprint and his name I actually said "wow" out loud, it just looked so beautiful. I shared it on my Instagram later that day and other people also thought it was precious. I absolutely love how it looks and having this little piece of my son with me everywhere I go is such a beautiful thing for me. I also love the fact that Hand On Heart Jewellery sent me proofs of how the necklace would look and whether I would rather 'Tyler Lee' or just 'Tyler' on it, depending on my own personal tastes. I, of course, had to go for his full name and I absolutely love how it looks.

This was the perfect piece of jewellery to treat myself too and I honestly will treasure it forever, it really is so precious to me. I haven't stopped wearing the necklace since I got it and my son actually recognises his name on it too and likes to look at the necklace - so sweet!

The handprint heart charm necklace is £95 and really is worth every penny, it really is such a special thing to own. You can find my particular necklace and browse the other beautiful pieces Hand On Heart Jewellery have to offer on their website. As an angel mummy I love their range of memorial jewellery too, such a beautiful idea.

Do you like my necklace? Would you get something similar to tribute your child/children?

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  1. aw I love this , I am a huge fan of personalised items and I would love something like this xx


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