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A Contemporary Living Room | Home Decor Ideas ♥

When it comes to decor my favourite style is apparent throughout our house, that being the shabby chic style of course which I have featured on the blog many times before. However, I'm not the only person who lives in this house and at times I have to respect the fact that Jacek, and Tyler Lee too of course, may not be as big of fans of floral print as I am. One room which has to be decorated in a neutral, appeasing way for everyone is the living room. This is the hub of our house, the room where we spend most time and the one place that really does have to be styled and functional for all of us.

One style Jacek is a big fan of is contemporary. He likes everything to be clean, minimal clutter, nice big comfy sofas and chairs and places to display our television, books and pictures - his old apartment was done in this style and it was only when we moved in together that I sprung all the clutter and floral print on him - sorry Jacek! Contemporary furniture is not only super stylish but it's functional as well and that's always a big plus when you have a family with lots of stuff and not a lot of space. I've turned to my favourite inspiration source, Pinterest, in search of some beautiful contemporary living room spaces and am sharing some of my favourite features in the collage above, aren't they stunning and super stylish?

I think the key to completing a contemporary living space is keeping it simple. I would use a neutral colour palette of grey and white for the room and just add splashes of colour through the soft furnishing and art on the walls. Making the room white and soft grey would really open the room up and make it seem lighter and airier - a big plus as our living room is quite small.

Of course, the most important element in any living room is a sofa and a grey sofa would be a dream for me as grey is one of my favourite colours (pink being the other). A corner sofa would be fantastic as we have one already and it's lovely having room for all the family to sit together. I would like an armchair too though and I love the wing leather occasional armchair, it'd be the perfect addition to have as part of a cozy little reading nook in the living room with shelves full of good reads behind it. I'd also love a side unit and the glossy grey sideboard featured above is just beautiful. It would help to hide clutter and toys (that seem to just build up in our living room!) and also be used to display things on top - I'm loving the double function of it. Little glossy pebble tables as side tables would be a lovely, stylish twist on the classic looking side tables and would be idea next to an armchair or the side of the sofa for lamps, books, drinks, etc.

Shelving would be a big element in the room and not just a functional addition either, I'd like to make a feature out of the shelves by displaying framed artwork and our precious family pictures upon them. I love the idea in the collage above with the black shelves and a mis-match of framed pieces, only I, of course, would prefer white shelving to match the colour scheme of the room.

Surprisingly, I am rather loving this style and from the collage I've put together above I think I've shown that a contemporary living room doesn't have to feel cold, stark and empty and that it can still be a warm, inviting space perfect for all the family to enjoy. I think my boys would really love our living room to look like this too and adding the personal touches such as our family pictures and art that is important to us, would really make the space come together perfectly.

Are you a fan of contemporary styling?


  1. I love this style. Looks simple and elegant. I love how the gray combine with another neutral color.

  2. Do you know Fiona, I'd never have thought of grey in a living space but it certainly works. By the way, I live not far from Wells House in Wexford & was sharing their FB page & website to some friends in the U.S. and there, lo & behold was Tyler Lee (or his double) in a couple of pics! Please tell me I'm not going further round the bend!

  3. I'm obsessed with grey! My other half looked at me funny when i described how I was decorating but now it's done he loves it too. I think it's such a fresh modern colour and really gives the room some style, there are so many shades of grey too! I looooove grey! x


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