Saturday, June 13, 2015

What I'm Packing For Britmums Live & London ♥

In less than a week I shall be in London attending the Britmums Live blogging conference for the first time thanks to my lovely sponsors My 1st Years. I have to admit that I'm quite nervous about going, leaving Tyler Lee for two days and meeting some of the bloggers whose blogs I love in person, thankfully Jacek is coming along with me, not only to London but to the event too - he's a honorary blogger for the day, so at least I'll have a familiar face by my side at least. 

I was in a panic about what to wear as I know people said the venue can get quite warm and I want to be comfortable for walking around but I picked up some lovely patterned dresses - unicorns, flowers and hot air balloons - in Debenhams and will be sporting them with my leggings, t-bar buckle shoes and a cardigan - comfy and practical for the two days I'll be in London. I also picked up some new makeup palettes and I'll be bringing my new Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette with me along with my Isadora Face Sculptor palette, L'Oreal True Match Foundation, Isadora mascara and a couple of MAC lipsticks, I actually don't know what ones yet but it's always good to have options when it comes to lippie! I want to get HD brows done before the event and possibly my hair done too but we'll see - no mun no fun as they say...

On the blogging side I obviously need to bring my camera. I'll actually need to bring my camera bag too as I want to bring both lenses with me for taking some photography at the event and of London itself because we'll no doubt be taking some strolls around the landmarks in the evening. I'll also be bringing my blogging diary and a pen. I got my business cards (or blogging cards they should probably be called!) from Vistaprint last week and I'll be bringing a few in my card holder and my purse. I'll also be bringing my phone for my tweeting on the day.

On the touristy side I'll be bringing my purse, hopefully we'll be going out for a nice dinner on the Friday night because we haven't done that in ages and it'd be lovely to treat ourselves and spend some quality time together for once. I'm going to bring a spare memory card for my camera because I can envision myself taking a ton of photos of the city. I'll also be bring a selfie stick which I picked up in Aldi for just a tenner, it'll come in handy for mine and Jacek's obligatory tourist selfies in the city. I know Jacek will bring his camera too as he lights to take some snaps of his own.

That's it, that's all I'll be packing for Britmums Live and London, it actually doesn't seem like much looking at it all now but I prefer to travel light and only take a small bit of hand luggage when I can, especially as I'm flying Ryanair too...

I've already made plans to meet up with my good friend and fellow blogger Hayley from Sparkles & Stretchmarks and her adorable baby son Noah while at the event and I hope to meet some more of my favourite blogging lovelies too. It'll be fun and I won't let my shyness overcome me!

Are you going to Britmums Live? What are you packing for the event?


  1. I love your business cards they look fantastic. Have a super time at Britmums and I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back :) x

  2. Hope you have an amazing time! Hayley is just so lovely and I'm slightly jealous that you'll be meeting little Noah for newborn cuddles! xx

  3. Yay you are taking the unicorn dress , i love it. How lovely that your partner is coming with you i wish mine was as it would stop me being so nervous and would be nice to spend time with him without any children around. Hopefully i will see you to say hello xx

  4. YAY we're sooooo excited to meet you! Omg I havent thought about packing yet, no idea what I`m wearing! Stress! xx


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