Friday, June 26, 2015

Tyler Lee | A Catch Up ♥

 I haven't done an update on Tyler Lee since his 2nd birthday way back in February and I was going to make his updates an annual thing, but a lot can happen in a year so I think I'll do half year updates instead as I really do love to keep track of everything for him to look back on in future years. Tyler Lee isn't two and a half until August 16th, so why am I writing a little catch up post today I hear you ask? Well, it's my baby boys (can I still even call him that?!) last day of playschool today, in September he will move on up to the junior pre-school class and if I'm honest this is all happening a little too quickly for me!

He began playschool back in January and since then a lot has happened and he has learnt so much! I was so apprehensive about sending him there as he had never been minded by anyone other than family, but in all honestly, sending him there and putting him on the first step of his education years really was the best thing Jacek and I could have done for him as parents. He is still slow to speak but I'm convinced he knows all the words, he understands everything we say and ask for from him and he has just begun repeating everything back that we say - better mind the curse words from now on! He has done so many arts and crafts over the past six months, he even came home with a little handmade book of all his paintings and crafts - so sweet. He has socialised with children his own age and has learnt what it is to be part of a classroom environment.

We were so surprised the other day when he was coming down the stairs and he began counting in Irish, or as Gaeilge as we Irish people say, turns out he can count to ten in Irish now as well as English, I'm super impressed and rather proud of him as I think Irish is quite hard, never mind for a two year old to learn as well as all his English words. I think sending him to playschool has really given him a head start and I'll be teaching him more Irish words from now on, slán was our word last night, appropriate for saying goodbye at school. School is now out for summer but he'll be going to a themed summer camp two days a week and I know he'll just love all the activities there, plus this gives me some time to catch up with blogging work and things around the house. It's crazy that his last day of playschool has come already but we're excited for the next step and all the things he'll be learning come September.

Tyler Lee isn't yet potty trained but just this week he's begun telling me when he wanted to go to the toilet so by the end of the summer he'll (hopefully) be trained. I didn't want to push him into this and let him be able to tell me when he wanted to go before sitting him on the potty. He is the fussiest eater ever and will never eat his dinner! I hope he grows out of this soon because I'm so sick of wasting food. Ice-cream is his favourite treat and he regularly asks for it, only it sounds like 'whiskey' when he does - too funny.

He is big into cars and is always playing with his dinkies. This week he was watching his Grandad fix his Dads car and was so interested, getting down under the wheel arch to look at all the things Grandad was doing to the breaks and he was even playing with the spanners - maybe he'll take after his uncle with the love of cars? He sings now too and his favourite song is 'See-saw Marjory Daw', he's adorable when he sings. I love seeing his personality grow and he is such a star. Now don't get me wrong, he has his moments, like extra extra bold moments, but for the most part he's quite good.

My little boy is growing up, far too quickly for my liking! It's amazing to think of all the things he's learnt since February and all the fun times we're going to have together during the summer. I'm glad I have all these updates to look back on and show him in the future, its amazing to see just how much he has grown and changed in his short life already. His hair is amazing and I won't be cutting it again for a long time. He's had one trim so far in his life and I don't think there's a need for him to have another anytime soon. He's grown into such a lovely little boy, a proper 'mans man' but still (thankfully!) not too big for cuddles and kisses with his mama.

I love this boy.



  1. Those curls! Beautiful :) Elliot starts pre-school in September, it makes me emotional just thinking about it but I know he is going to love it! x

    1. Thank you so much Elaine! Aww how lovely, it's so emotional for us but so fantastic for them :) x


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