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Soufeel Charm Bracelet | Review ♥

I've made no secret of my love for jewellery, sharing some of my beautiful jewellery pieces on the blog before, so when I was approached by the lovely people at SOUFEEL and was asked whether I would like to receive one of their charm bracelets with my choice of charm I simply jumped at the chance. It has to be said that I have a particular penchant for charm bracelets, I just love receiving charms for birthdays, Christmases and other special occasions, not only do they make stunning jewellery pieces but they also act as a keepsake of a wonderful memory too. I already have a Pandora bracelet which I've had since October 2010 it's now full with people charms and memory keepsakes so it's time to begin a new charm bracelet, that's why I was so delighted when SOUFEEL contacted me.

 The SOUFEEL packaging is absolutely beautiful - a sturdy white box with a pale blue bow and black velvet inside to cushion your bracelet and keep it safe. I think the packing of SOUFEEL's products just further adds to the fact that they would make a perfect gift.

The bracelet I chose to host my charms was the Exclusive 925 Sterling Silver Basic Bracelet* ($29.95) which I got in size 20cm so that it would fit comfortably around my wrist and have space for the charms too. This looks like a dupe for my Pandora bracelet but it is by far the more affordable option. The bracelet comes with a sturdy clasp with 'SOUFEEL' engraved on it. The only qualm I have with the bracelet is that it has no bulky bit at the end of the bracelet to stop the charms falling off when you're taking it off your wrist, I just have to be super careful with it. All of SOUFEEL's charm are suitable for other charm bracelets too such as Pandora, Chamilia, etc. so I think this is why they are bigger and don't have the twist part at the end of the bracelet to keep them secure. I do like the fact that I could chop and change these onto my Pandora bracelet if I so wished.

I chose four lovely charms for my bracelet, all of which have a travel theme bar one. The charms are all of fantastic quality and are stamped with the 925 silver mark. They don't look cheap and tacky like some other charm bracelet charms I've seen before and I think they're really sweet. Each one I chose has a personal meaning for me too which is lovely. SOUFEEL have a huge range of charms available so you're bound to find the perfect one to suit your personality and interests.

The first charm I of course had to choose was the Love My Son Dangle Charm* ($19.95). This was such a sweet charm and it immediately caught my eye. I love dangle charms especially and the word 'son' engraved on the holder was such a lovely touch. I really like the fact that the 'son' actually looks like a little boy and not a buddha like some other charm companies have. This is such a lovely charm for me to have and is most definitely my favourite out of the four I got.

My second charm was the France Eiffel Tower Charm* ($20.00) which has actually been upgraded to a prettier looking charm since I got mine. I visited Paris in 2012 and have been wanting to go back ever since. I also have a love for anything with a Parisian theme so I thought this charm would be quite fitting for my charm bracelet.

My third choice was the Aeroplane Dangle Charm* ($19.95) which again is a really sweet looking charm and I love the fact that it's a dangle charm. The airplane has jewelled windows, which I think is a lovely touch. This was the perfect charm to add to my travel themed bracelet.

Finally, the only charm I didn't get to choose as SOUFEEL chose it for me, was the Red Travel Suitcase Charm* ($25.00). Now I'm not a fan of red at all but this really is a lovely little charm and I love all the details on the suitcase with the silver embellishments, the little handle and tag. My mother loves red and has her mind set on getting this charm off me, she loves it!

SOUFEEL really do have a fantastic range of charms on offer and they always seem to have amazing deals on them too, especially in their What's New section. I currently have my eye on a vintage camera charm which is half price at the moment - do I deserve a treat I wonder?! SOUFEEL offer free shipping on all orders over $50 and a 365 day return and exchange guarantee which is great. They also have amazing special offers such as a free ring with orders over
$59, a free 925 charm with orders over $79 and a free bracelet with orders over $99 - pretty good right?!

If you fancy treating yourself SOUFEEL are offering my readers 5% off their first order with the code Fiona5off - I think I may need to use it myself for that vintage camera charm!

Overall, I highly recommend SOUFEEL to those who would like to have their own, affordable charm bracelet and have a wide range of charms and themes to choose from for it. I think one of these bracelets would make the perfect gift for someone special and I'm already thinking about getting my mother one for Christmas.

What do you think of my SOUFEEL bracelet and charms?

*I was sent a bracelet and charms by SOUFEEL for the purposes of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.



  1. Looks like a good quality alternative to Pandora. My other half nearly fainted at the price (he has no idea how much things cost) of Pandora. Perhaps they will introduce a locking charm/clamp for the end, to stop them falling off. I think that is a big oversight and could see mine going everywhere, with my pooch making off with some.

  2. That bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. I'm a sucker for a charm bracelet and this one looks so affordable! Love the charms you chose too x

  3. This is such a gorgeous bracelet , i have never heard of this brand before but i love it. The charms are so sweet i love the Red travel suitcase charm it really sets the whole bracelet off xx


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