Monday, June 15, 2015

Makeup Revolution Mermaids vs Unicorns | Review & Swatches ♥

I've never tried anything from the Makeup Revolution range before but when I saw a picture on Instagram of their Mermaids vs Unicorns palette and saw that it only cost the measly sum of £4 I immediately had to go on their website and make an order. I ended up buying three palettes but Mermaids vs Unicorns is the only one I have used so far but boy am I impressed, this palette packs a whole lot of bang for your (four) bucks and I am so in love with the colour choices within it.

The palette truly does have a mermaids and unicorns vibe with some beautiful green and blue 'sea shades', as I would call them, on one end of the palette representing the mermaids and some gorgeous pink, navy, purple and grey shades on the other end of the palette representing the unicorns. I have to admit, the mermaids side of this palette is my favourite, I'm always been a fan of green eye shadows and these ones in particular are just stunning.

All of the shades are shimmery - just adding to the magic of it all and when on the eyelid they have a kind of metallic look to them which really is beautiful. I always wear the second, third and fourth shade from the right on my lid and purple shade on my lower lash line instead of eyeliner, because of the mix of green and purple I call this my 'Ariel' eyes, definitely a mermaid look for sure! I wear these shades without any eye shadow primer and the colour just pops instantly. The shadows also last all day without creasing and I am super impressed by that.

I would highly recommend this palette if you're a fan of bright eye shadows like I am. You really can't go wrong with this one, £4 is nothing and the quality, pigmentation and wear of the shadows far outweigh the price in my opinion, in fact, these shadows would rival the Urban Decay and MAC shadows I have and those are €18+ for a single shadow!

'Ariel' eyes, as featured on my Instagram @fiandtylerlee
 I also picked up the Unicorns Unite and the Mermaids Forever palette - can you tell I have a thing for mermaids and unicorns? I'll also be reviewing the two of these when I get a chance to use them. I am so impressed with Makeup Revolution and will be making some more purchases from them in the future for sure, how could I possibly resist when they're super cheap and as great as they are?

What do you think of the Mermaids vs Unicorns palette?



  1. Looks great love the mermaid look :)

  2. I've been eyeing these same palettes on their website for awhile now. I love that they have come out with so many dupes that are of high-quality and such an affordable price. This look is surely something I would wear in the Spring & Summer time. So much fun!

  3. These colours are really beautiful! *___* I'm in love with this palette!


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