Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cussons Mum & Me | Baby & Little Explorers Range Review ♥

Bath time is a special time in our house, it's the time of the day where I get to tend to Tyler Lee without any distractions as I try and get him washed, relaxed and ready for bed. After he turned two he developed a real fear of the bath again - I have no idea why - so I tried to look for products which would be both fun and comforting to him, to try and entice him to sit down and enjoy his bath time once again. 

I have always been a big fan of the Cussons Mum & Me Baby range, picking it up often when I was in my local Tesco or Boots. Cussons very kindly sent us some lovely products from their baby range which I was delighted to be able to try out with Tyler Lee, some of them we were revisiting as we've used them in the past. 

The Ultra Mild Baby Shampoo is the most lovely shampoo I have ever used on his hair - and those curls need some tending to, believe me! It makes his hair shiny, bouncy and perfectly soft, due to the extra virgin olive oil in it, and I have a confession... I use this shampoo on my own hair too! It makes it so soft, manageable and easy to get a comb through and I just love the scent of it too, I really can't get enough of it and next time I'm out shopping I'll have to stock up on two more - one for myself and one for Tyler Lee! I love using the Ultra Mild Baby Lotion on Tyler Lee's skin after his bath as it can get quite dry, especially on the tops of his arms and legs and this one really does have that little baby smell, it's lovely.

 The Baby Bath To Comfort Snuffles was a new Cussons product for us and it was a Godsend when Tyler Lee came home from playschool with a runny nose. I filled up the bath with this and the menthol scent combined with the nice warm bath really helped to ease his snuffles. This is such a lovely, comforting baby bath for little ones and it's a great one to have on hand in case of colds and runny noses. We were lucky enough to be sent the Ma'am & Me limited edition Sleep Tight Baby Bath, released to mark the birth of Princess Charlotte, this, along with the, Ultra Mild Head To Toe Wash, were products which we have used before and still love. I really can't recommend the baby range enough to those of you with a newborn or little ones in your lives, the products really do make for such a lovely, relaxing bath time for little ones, while being kind to their skin and keeping them clean.

Cussons also have a new range for toddlers, the Little Explorers range which is full of bright, fun and eye catching products all for the little people in your life. We received the four products from the range to try out and they all smell so fresh, clean and fruity, they really do smell so good! Tyler Lee is obsessed with the Funky Fizz Bath Crackles, they come in a little pouch and he loves pouring them into the water, seeing the colour change and hearing them pop, I need to pick up more of these and fast! The Super Soft Squidgy Soap was so much fun for him. It comes in a can and is just like mousse but you can actually mold it and shape it - super fun for little hands! Tyler Lee loves putting it on his hands and it leaves his skin so soft when it's rinsed off.

The Mega Mild Bubbly Bath creates lots of lovely fluffy bubbles, which Tyler Lee just loves. I've only washed Tyler Lee's hair once with the Happy Splashy Hair & Body Wash but it left his hair soft and shiny and was so easy to rinse out too which was great as he hates having his hair rinsed.

I really love that Cussons have thought about toddlers too and have included a range especially for them but with all the quality and care of their baby range too. I would repurchase these products, Tyler Lee loved them and the scent of them really is something special.

Are you a fan of the Cussons Mum & Me ranges?

*Tyler Lee and I were kindly sent these products for review. As always, as thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.

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