Thursday, April 23, 2015

Real Techniques Sculpting Set Collectors Edition Brushes | Review ♥

 I've been in need of some new makeup brushes for awhile now, so when I got my hands on the Real Techniques Sculpting Set Collectors Edition* brushes I was excited to give them a try. I honestly think that Real Techniques offer some of the best quality and affordable (hugely important to me!) makeup brushes you can buy and this set is no exception.

The set comes with three brushes, each with a gorgeous metallic pink handle and skunk bristles. The bristles on these brushes are super soft, so lovely to use on the face as there's no scratchiness to them and they don't irritate the skin at all. There's no fallout at all from the bristles either which just goes to show just how great quality these brushes are.

My favourite brush out of the three in the set is the sculpting brush, which I use with my IsaDora Face Sculptor palette. It's the perfect shape, with it's wide angled head, to create perfect contour lines and it's also amazing for buffing product into the skin. I've used this brush for my bronzer and highlighter and it has worked amazingly well for applying and buffing both into my skin, especially under my cheekbones and on my forehead.

The fan brush is another fantastic addition to this set and is actually a set exclusive. This brush sweeps away any excess product or powder, giving a flawless, even and airbrushed finish to the skin. I was amazed at how well this worked at correcting my bronzer heavy-handedness and making my face look polished and perfectly done. The fan brush really is a miracle worker of sorts and I was actually so surprised at how easily it gave my skin that perfect, airbrushed look without much effort at all.

The final brush in the set is the setting brush, a great little brush for applying highlighter or other loose powder to certain areas of the face. I use this brush to add highlighter to my brown bone and under my eyes and as these are areas which are delicate and which I don't want to use a lot of product on, this brush is perfect for controlling how much product I'm applying.

I'm so in love with these brushes - they look pretty, they work amazingly well and they are so soft, I really can't fault with them. I use them daily when contouring my face and they really do help to create a flawless finish to my face.

The Real Techniques Sculpting Set Collectors Edition brushes are £19.99 and are available in major retailers nationwide.



  1. Oh my god I love Real Techniques brushes! I don't have that set yet but I have the eye one and I ADORE it. These ones are pink, now I want them. I wish money grew on trees!

  2. I've never hear of the Real Technique brushes. From your review I'm going to start looking for a set. I love soft brushes that doesn't irritate my skin. I've never used a fan brush, but from your description, it will definitely come in handy when I go to heavy on my powder.

  3. I just had a conversation with a friend the other day about brushes and makeup. I don't wear any makeup but she was having a hard time finding some great brushes.I was at a lost as to what she was saying but I will pass on this info to her. She would love the metallic pink

  4. I wasn't familiar with the Real Technique brand but am glad you shared. I'm in need of some new make up brushes right now. I'd be embarrassed to say how old mine are. I really like that fan brush. I wonder if these are available in the U.S. as well, I'll have to check.

  5. My girlfriend would love these brushes. She's been using these funktacular, beat up things for months now, and she's always complaining about them. When I tell her to get new ones, she just says she hasn't found any she really likes yet.

  6. I always feel inadequate when I read a makeup blog post, I really do not use makeup enough. Nor do I have enough knowledge. However, your explanation of which brush to use when is really helpful. There may be hope for me!

  7. I love their pretty pink color! I never know what to buy when it comes to brushes, so I'm glad I ran across this. They do look so soft and high-class! Do you know if they are in the USA?

  8. I love the look of these brushes. I'm a terrible make-up person. I run a preschool and daycare so I'm normally not dressed up for work ... well never lol. I've found that when I do put make up on having high quality tools is very important. Great review.

  9. I have never owned a good set of make-up brushes and think it's about time I got myself some. These look nice. I'm not a huge pink fan, but they look like good quality.


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