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The Vintage Quarter | Guide Of Cork ♥

The Vintage Quarter
Growing up I have always loved vintage things. When I was a child my mother gave me her old dolls pram and doll named Pam and I loved them, it was at that moment that I realised that old things were quite unique and very special and I wanted them in my life. I think I love vintage things so much because there is a story behind everything. I imagine the houses in which the furniture or ornaments sat, the people who used them and the eras they came from, for me there is something so whimsical and lovely about vintage pieces, they are so much nicer than anything you can by these days. Things from the past were special, made with love and care, now everything is mass produced and people have a lot of everything, meaning that most possessions mean nothing - I hate this fact.

Just some of the gorgeous fashions The Vintage Quarter has to offer.
I had been longing to find a vintage thrift store or shop in my city, one that sold a lot more than clothes and one whose offerings didn't break the bank either. During the week I was on a photo shoot (more details of this to come at a later date!) and the location was The Vintage Quarter, somewhere I had never heard of before but after looking it up it was somewhere I was excited to visit. When I arrived there I loved it immediately, the place had such a great vibe to it. There was vintage loveliness everywhere - mirrors and pictures adorned the walls, statues, furniture and fashions, as well as plenty of my favourite of the moment - crockery. I just had to make a cheeky purchase of a sweet little floral print saucer before I left the shop.

Probably the coolest corner of the shop!
The owner of the shop, Sara, is absolutely lovely too. She is so personable, helpful and is such a fun character. She was keeping us topped up with tea and biscuits throughout the shoot which we were all very grateful for. That's what I want when I go shopping, someone lovely and chatty. I just can't abide bad customer service and thankfully The Vintage Quarter has some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. Sarah was so lovely that she even gave me a free floral print dress before I left the shop, I was so in awe of her hospitality and generosity and was so thankful for my beautiful new dress.

If only I had a brand new little babe to put in this gorgeous cot.
Spot my little floral saucer at the front of the chest, I now want the large plate next to it too!
Lots of beautiful crockery and teapots.
This was just too sweet, I would love this for my boy but I sadly don't have the space.
Lots of vintage loveliness!
 I honestly cannot wait to visit The Vintage Quarter again. I want to pick up some plates for my food posts, I'm really getting into my photo styling these days. I'd also love to explore the upstairs of the shop more too, I only had the chance to use it as a dressing room last time I was there! I highly recommend a visit to The Vintage Quarter if you're a lover of all things vintage and are after some gorgeous, unique finds. You'll be sure to find something you love I'm sure.

The Vintage Quarter,
27 Henry Street,
Cork City.



  1. Oh I'd love to visit The Vintage Quarter some day too :) I'm also in love with that old, vintage vibe in homes, clothes.. So beautiful! :)

  2. Oh I love this place! There's something magical about vintage items, they tell the story of past times. I would love to collect old items but they're usually pretty expensive, sigh.

  3. A couple of years ago I was in an accident & ended up in a wheelchair for almost a year - that's when I really discovered eBay, much to the bank manager's dismay! I love Art Deco and have quite a lot of Davidson Amber Glass like the dressing table set in pic 6. Gorgeous!

  4. This looks like such a cool place, I've lived in Ireland my whole life and I've never even been to Cork. Madness. x

  5. oh, this sounds and looks amazing! I feel an weekend in cork coming up!

  6. i didn't know about this either.. looks great for kitting out my future house! :)


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