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Our Saint Patrick's Day On The Beaches Of East Cork | Guide Of Cork ♥

Yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day and we were going to go and watch the parade in the city just like we did last year, but as it turned out to be such a beautiful day, we decided to head to East Cork and it's beautiful beaches instead, because lets be honest, we really couldn't be doing with those crowds of people. The beach was a far better option for us and our little beach babe was in his element looking at the waves lulling onto the shore, the ships sailing past and all the lovely, fluffy sand to get messy with. Firstly we headed to Roches Point which is a lovely secluded spot and quite scenic too with it's colourful houses, lovely beach and it's lighthouse. Surprisingly we weren't the only people on the beach either - we weren't the only ones avoiding the crowds.

I really love Roches Point, it's such a beautiful place. If I could live here I would. I think my boy would be in his element living so close to the beach.

Overlooking one of his favourite places.

 I took the opportunity to bring my camera along and get some snaps of my little leprechaun in his vintage green velour romper. He looked so sweet in it, to me there's nothing sweeter than seeing my little one running around in shorts, it makes me feel as though spring and summer have definitely arrived. For a short time he was wearing his little leprechaun hat headband and tri-colour lay, he had to embrace the spirit of the day after all!

He was so sweet running around with his little bunny too, this is one of my favourite pictures from the whole day. He's always away in a dream land.

Such a dreamer...

Watching the waves and the ships go by.

 I love this picture, my smiley boy and his sticky-up curl!

 I can see us spending a lot lazy days down at Roches Point in the summer days, I really think my boy would be in his element spending some days at the beach. Roches Point does get quite busy though, anytime I have been here, even on rainy days, there are people sitting in their cars just looking out to see. It's such a calming and peaceful place so I can understand why it draws so many people to it.

 We then moved on to the beautiful Inch Beach which is not too far from Roches Point at all. We drove through the winding boreens and through the valley to reach this beauty spot. I loved all the rushes and the little concrete bridge over the river to get to the beach. Jacek was telling Tyler Lee that there were fish in there and he was mesmerised. We were going to do the hill walk but it started to get quite chilly when we arrived so we had to leave that for another day.

 I never get any nice pictures of my boy and I so this one will have to do. It's lovely to get some pictures of us in the sunshine for once!

He can never be away from me for too long, he had to follow me down to the shoreline. He's my little shadow.

 Inch Beach is a surfers delight, it even has a surf school, which I'm sure my boy will go to one day if his love of the sea and beach continues throughout his life. These surfers braved the cold water to go for a surf and the waves were the perfect size for beginners.

 He always runs towards the tide, he then gets startled and runs back when the waves come in. He's so funny to watch.

 I love this picture of my boy. The light was perfect and I think he looks quite angelic here. I was glad that Jacek took over the camera when we arrived at Inch Beach because I had taken so many pictures at Roches Point. It's great to have his contribution towards the blog too with his photography.

 He really does have quite a beachy look to him, doesn't he?

 I love this spot, it's such an idyllic spot and the perfect vision of the Irish coastline as far as I'm concerned. East Cork really does have some of the most beautiful beaches around.

So this was our alternative Saint Patrick's Day - no crowds, no parade and no noise. We had such a peaceful day on the beaches and I wish everyday could be spent there - I know Tyler Lee would be absolutely delighted if that was the case. As you can see, Jacek and I took a lot of pictures on the day. We are trying to make the most of our memories as a family and improve our photography skills. I really want the blog to have a big photographic element because at this point in my life it's one of the things I am most passionate about. I love capturing my beautiful son in photos and the beauty of the world around us.

Do you like the look of the beaches of East Cork?



  1. wow...what great photos i love the scenary and your family or your son is very cute!! awesome place to visit if i ever go overseas.

  2. Beautiful photos as always! The locations are amazing and it seems like you spent wonderful moments with your family. ♥

  3. Wow,so beautiful this pictures,amazing

  4. he is so cute! And landscape is amazing :)

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  5. Your son is gorgeous with his blonde curly hair and blue eyes. Also the pictures are out of this world beautiful!!! What a great job!! I wish I could go to a beach but unfortunately any beach that's close enough to me you kinda wouldn't risk it in therain with the frost weather!!! Lucky!!!

  6. You always post such amazing photos! I love the landscape, looks so peaceful and beautiful. I can hardly wait for summer to run away to the coast for a few days. :)

  7. I love the look! The beaches of East Cork are gorgeous! So are these photos! I love how bright and colorful the houses are too. So cute!

  8. Always with such lovely pictures!! Tyler Lee is getting cutter everyday that it passes! :)

  9. Gorgeous photos, your son is too cute! x

  10. beautiful pictures, love the view and his suit for St.Patricks Day is so adorable!

  11. Great photos! Love the scenery and Tyler Lee is adorable!

  12. Wow,what a beautiful place,,and your little boy is adorable!! Such a cute little curly headed boy! :)

  13. Some gorgeous photos there Fi, love the giggly ones of Tyler Lee


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