Tuesday, March 03, 2015

My Vintage Boy | Powder Blue Teddy Bear Overalls From The 1960's ♥

I am really in love with all things vintage at the moment, especially vintage clothing for my boy. I have been searching Etsy and vintage shops on Instagram almost daily to find unique, adorable and bargain clothes from bygone eras. I've picked up a lot of pieces already and I couldn't resist showing you all the first piece that Tyler Lee actually wore.

I picked up this powder blue overall with teddy bear design on the leg from an Instagram shop named Preloved Little Threads. This piece was from the 1960's and I thought it was perfect for my little toddler boy. I really love anything in baby blue/powder blue on my boy and it's so hard to find clothes in these colours after 18 months, so when I saw that these overalls were age 24 months I had to have them. The little teddy bear design on the overalls really is adorable and gives an old-time feel to these overalls and I really love that. I think it's important for children's clothes to have an air of innocence for as long as possible and that's why I love vintage clothing for my boy.

Even though I do like to dress my son is a variety of different styles and favoured baby leggings for a time, I think there's plenty of time for him to dress cool and grown up, he only has a limited amount of time to dress adorably and stylish and for me vintage clothes are a real winner.

These overalls were only $9 and although they are a bit short on the leg I can easily move the buttons so that they measure longer on the leg. I absolutely love the colour on my boy and thought he looked rather fetching in his cable designed grey cardigan, white top and vintage overalls.

 They just don't make clothing like they used to and although these overalls are probably the most basic item I've picked up in my vintage finds so far the fabric is amazing, the colour is beautiful and I think Tyler Lee looks super adorable in them too.

I can't wait to snap him in his other vintage pieces, hopefully he'll be more up for getting his picture taken then too!

Do you like vintage clothing? Do you wear it yourself or have any for your little ones?



  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I will definitely be looking out for vintage items now for my two, I love vintage and hadn't thought to look for them before.

    1. Thank you so much Robyn, I just can't get enough of vintage pieces for little ones.

  2. I've never tried vintage clothing but after reading this, i've been converted! Your son is just adorable and i think that some vintage clothes would be lovely for my nephew. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. So beautiful boy! I used to not like the vintage clothing on the little kids, but this is so great!

  4. I had no idea you shared this! He is stunningly handsome! Thank you so much for the shout out! I hope you enjoy your new goodies! Vintage is the BEST. xoxo - Jessica @preloved_little_threads


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