Thursday, March 05, 2015

Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick | Countessa Flourescent ♥

 Lime Crime is a makeup brand whose products I have wanted to try for ages now. Their unicorn lipsticks really appealed to me - not only because of their amazingly pretty packaging but also for the fab, unique range of colours their lipsticks come in too. I honestly have never seen some of the colours they offer by any other makeup brand before and although some of the shades are a tad too daring for me to pull off confidently there are a few which have caught my eye and I have ordered them - I'm just waiting for them all to arrive now - oh the excitement!

The first lipstick I ordered and the first to arrive was Countessa Flourescent, an absolutely gorgeous hot pink shade with cool blue undertones. I think this lipstick can be described as 'the perfect Barbie pink' so if you're a fan of hot pink lipsticks then this is the one for you. Lime Crime lipsticks are known to be notoriously opaque and I was really looking forward to seeing the colour payoff for myself and how well the shade would take to my lips - luckily I wasn't disappointed!

  Believe me when I say that this lipstick is amazing. The minute I put the stick to my lips and swiped the colour came on immediately, just one swipe of this lipstick gives perfect colour to the lips but I have to admit that I do love applying it multiple times because it has such a creamy texture and is non-drying to my lips, it's quite nourishing actually.

 This lipstick is really long lasting, I applied it twice during the day and it lasted all day and night. I actually couldn't get the lipstick off at the end of the day, even Ultrabland didn't get it all off which I think proves its staying power. 

I got this lipstick from one of Lime Crime's UK distributors Love Makeup Up for £12.50 plus postage. I actually ordered the other two I initially ordered from the actually Lime Crime site but I wish I had just gotten them all from Love Make Up as they arrived super fast and the shipping was so much cheaper too - I'll live and learn!

 I can't wait for the rest of my Lime Crime purchases to arrive. I have five more of their gorgeous lipsticks adorned with their unicorn loveliness on the way! I'm super impressed with the colour payoff and the staying power and think these lipsticks are well worth the price.

Do you have any Lime Crime lipsticks in your collection?



  1. Ohh the packaging, and the colour!! Wow! I'm going to have to investigate!

    Helen X

  2. I've never tried Lime Crime products. Love the packaging!

  3. I really love this shade of pink, I already heard about Lime Crime brand, but in Italy it isn't available :(

  4. Beautiful! It's so bright and vibrant. The pink is perfect for the spring/summer as well.

  5. I've never tried this brand. The packaging is very cute, love the unicorn. :) And the colour, wow! So vibrant!

  6. The packaging is so cuuute and the shade of the lipstick is very beautiful. I like it so much :) I am happy to see that now thay are easy to buy in UK too :)

  7. The most fantastic colour i've ever seen and the most amazing packing

  8. this is such a wonderful shade of pink!! love it:)

  9. Wow! Suh a bright vibrant color! Would love to try it sometime!


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