Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cosatto Supa Firebird | Review ♥

 A good, functional buggy is one of the items high on the list of 'must haves' for parents when it comes to products for their child and for me this is no exception. We have so far been through three buggies (plus two prams!) all of which my son has never become accustomed to or looked comfortable in and if he's not happy when we're out and about then I'm not very happy either. We recently got the opportunity to try out the Cosatto Supa Firebird Stroller, a stroller which promises a fun and comfortable riding experience for little ones, as well as all the functionality and ease mums and dads need when out and about with little ones in tow - which we all know can be a tad bit stressful at times!

Firstly, let me gush about just how much I love the design of this buggy. The Supa Firebird has one the most eye-catching and unique designs I have ever seen on a stroller and considering that I have only ever had plain grey, red and navy buggies in the past this is a big, much welcomed change! The design featured multi-coloured leaves - perfect for this time of year and the greens, greys and yellows all compliment each other very well. This is one supa stylish stroller (see what I did there?!) and every element, down to the last detail is done to perfection. The wheels and the handles feature the same green circle with orange firebird in the centre. The stroller features a green coloured fleece headrest which is great for when your little one falls asleep on the go and this can also be adjusted depending on the height of your child. The straps also come with two pads which match the design of the buggy and slip on to the straps themselves - no velcro here that can opened and lost by little toddler hands!

 The Supa Firebird can be used from birth and if I'm honest I have never heard of a stroller being able to offer this function before, I always thought prams were for newborns and strollers were for older babies and toddlers - how wrong I was. This is such a great feature for parents who would rather stick with one stroller throughout their child's life instead of chopping and changing (like I have) depending on their child's age. Not only does this stroller save money in the long run and offer great value, you know due to the reliable Cosatto name that it will last in the long run too.

 I love the fact that the Supa Firedbird comes with a matching Cosy Toes footmuff whose design as just as beautiful and functional as the stroller itself. It's great that this is included as it was not in my previous buggies and most parents could do without that added expense! The muff is thick enough to keep little ones warm and snug. It is fleece lined and even has a built in hand muff to keep little hands warm when out and about on cold days. I thought this was such a lovely addition and one I had never seen in a footmuff before. The footmuff is also reversible which I think is another great element, especially as I have a messy little toddler on my hands!

 The Supa Firebird offers adjustable calf support, which I have to say is a big plus for me. I hate to see my son looking uncomfortable in stroller and this element has really made a difference to how he sits when he's in it. It also features one-hand recline and the seat can be reclined into four positions giving maximum comfort to your child. I like that the child's comfort is a massive element to this stroller, there are far too many strollers out there which just offer functionality and the comfort of the child who will actually be sitting in it seems to be an after thought, luckily Cosatto have managed to thoughtfully address the issue of the child's comfort when riding in the stroller as well as all the things a parent needs to have an easy life when out and about with a little one in tow!

 The hood of the stroller is also a great element with lots of functionality for different circumstances. The hood is super extendable and acts as a UPF50+ sunshade on those warm, sunny days, this is also great for keeping the light off your little one as they sleep on the go. The Supa Firedbird also comes with a raincover which actually does keep the rain out, unlike those mickey mouse raincovers I'm come across in the past which would blow off when faced with a strong gust of wind.

 There is a bottle holder that can be put on the left and right of the chassis and I love this as it means I can bring my water with me when we're out walking and not have to rummage around a bag or a pocket for it when on the move. The basket underneath is big enough to carry anything you may need to bring with you when out on your travels. The handles are adjustable so they are suitable for a parent of any height. The wheels are all swivel making the Supa Firebird extremely easy to push on all terrains and believe me when I say that I really put this stroller to the test for the purpose of this review, it has been on grass, gravel, concrete, tarmac, a dirt path, footpaths... and thankfully it has faired well on all surfaces, meaning the Supa Firebird is a great stroller no matter what need you may have for it.

The Supa Firedbird has an umbrella fold with auto lock and it closes down tightly enough to fit into the boot of the smallest of cars, the fact that it fits into my tiny Opel Corsa boot is proof of this. The stroller is also light enough to carry and lift with ease - no bulky chassis' here! It has a multimedia pocket on the back of the stroller which offers a speaker, perfect for keeping little ones entertained and happy whilst on the go - I know my boy would love for me to be blaring Sia or Ed Sheeran as we're on our walks!

 The Cosatto Supa Firebird really is supa (see what I did again!). It offers everything a child needs to be comfortable in their stroller as well as everything a parent needs for an easy life. It has the functionality I look for in a stroller as well as a stylish, unique and eye-catching design, maximum comfort for my child and everything I need to make being on the go a pleasure rather than a pressure. I am so impressed with this stroller, everything down to the last element is perfection. Cosatto have outdone themselves with how thoughtfully the Supa Firedbird was designed and I for one am very thankful for this. I love our Cosatto Supa Firebird stroller and love being out and about with it. It's such an eye-catching stroller and one that has made life so much easier (and comfier in my sons case!) for us.



  1. Beautiful stroller, love the eye-catching design, it's very stylish! :) It also saves a lot of money in the long run.

  2. Love this pushchair, the colours are fab and it looks really cosy

  3. Lovely review!
    looks really nice!

  4. This thing looks so comfy. I love the cup holder.

  5. The hand muff is a great idea! I am forever telling isabelle to tuck her hands in so this would be brilliant. I love this!


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