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Cadbury Chocolate Lovers | What Does Your Favourite Bar Say About You?

I'm a self-confessed chocoholic. I love my chocolate bars (probably a little too much!) and my favourite brand, and probably always will be, Cadburys. Cadbury has recently partnered with leading taste psychologist Greg Tucker to uncover the regional differences when it comes to our favourite flavours. In a UK nation-wide study into what tickles the nation’s taste buds, it’s been revealed that where we live can have a big impact on what we like and how adventurous we are with new flavours. I know that when it comes to picking new flavours of chocolate I'm not the adventurous type at all. I prefer to stick with what I know I like and will enjoy - taking no chances at all with my beloved chocolate!

The UK study found that Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) Caramel takes the crown in the North for igniting feelings of warmth (38%), the Welsh go nutty for CDM Whole Nut because of its solid and traditional roots (28%), and those residing in the capital are most likely to pick a CDM Fruit&Nut (48%) with its variety and intrigue. I have to admit that I'm with the Welch here, I love my Cadbury Dairy Milk Whoe Nut bars!

Greg Tucker, taste and flavour psychologist, says: “One’s choice of chocolate says something about yourself, your nature and your personality. For example, due to the colder climate in the north of the country, Scots are more likely to seek warmth and comfort from their food. The perceived sugar sweetness and longer lasting on-the-tongue moment created by the smooth liquid filling of caramel therefore makes it a top choice across Scotland.” Similarly, Brummies are well known for their witty sense of humour, a trait that goes hand in hand with CDM Daim lovers, who identify themselves as being the jokers of the group. The chomp followed by a flavour rush, the bar provides a self-reinforcing effect for CDM Daim lovers in Birmingham, with 22% of respondents also selecting it as their chocolate bar of choice.”

CDM flavours key by Greg Tucker:

Cadbury Dairy Milk: In Cadbury chocolate we have the desired blend for the consumer of both sweetness and also dairy. The sweetness delights and the dairy comforts and relaxes.
CDM Caramel: The Caramel bar has a sweetness that is perceived to be more intense and impactful by consumers – simply because it has a longer dwell and reach in the mouth – the melt is sustained, the flavour lasts.
CDM Whole Nut: A somewhat challenging, difficult and conflicted eat – requiring as it does the hard chomp of the nut within the matrix of the chocolate. Preferred in older communities, where the nut adds real contrast to the chocolate to make it seem more valued and engaging.
 CDM Fruit&Nut: Here is a product where there is chew and chomp, melt and fracture – a real textural melange. It adds variety and interest to the palette but always within the reassuringly known and loved envelope of the Cadbury chocolate.
CDM Turkish: This bar has a full sweetness – with the hints of the classic flavour of rose water to give it a brightness and vibrancy, yet it also has a somewhat charming and exotic melt. 

CDM Oreo: The Oreo bar provides the textural variety that is quite appealing, a taste that to many is more recent – and a hint of dairy richness and engagement yet which is also quite light and uplifting.

CDM Daim: The buttery rich crunch of the Daim bar allows the chompy style eat to be maximised – with a rush of rich flavours that rewards the effort.

In a bid to get the people of the UK to take a break from the ordinary, and celebrate its full range of CDM flavours, the study also explored the best time for consumers to experiment with new tastes. With the constraints of the working week removed and the carefree nature of Saturday evening in sight, our risk-taking outlook is heightened at the weekend. In fact, Saturday afternoon at 4.29pm has been identified as the exact time we are most likely to try something new - I'll have to pop to the shop on Saturday afternoon then and try to be more adventurous with my chocolate choosing! 

This all makes for some interesting reading doesn't it? If you're in the UK do you agree on your part of the nations favourite CDM flavour choice?

Are you a chocoholic like me?What is your favourite Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar variety?


  1. I love them all - I guess that makes me simply greedy lol.

  2. I didnt even realize that ppl did studies for this type of thing ! I Love the nutty chocolate mmmm

  3. I'm afraid I love chocolate far too much & so I'm very strict with myself. I have chocolate maybe once or twice a year, a fruit Toblerone at Christmas and at Easter I'll eat a bar of Cadbury's fruit & nut along with a bar of their Caramel. One or two square of each at the same time - heavenly!

  4. I just love all the chocolate types :) Interesting post!

  5. Interesting post! Now I'm craving chocolate! X

    Black and Navy on the blog-

  6. Oh my gosh! Now I need chocolate! My favorite is definitely with caramel.

  7. my favourite is tiffin, I was born in Yorkshire and caramel is my 2nd favourite, so I guess thecstudybis almost right!

  8. Hi, I'm Imenka and I'm a chocoholic :)) My fav is Oreo nomnommm..

  9. Yummy. I love chocolate and if it has wholenut, sure it's mine. Anyway, I like to try different types of chocolate and I don't mind if it doesn't have wholenut. For example, CDM Turkish I have never tried and I will looking for it in store because that rose water sounds good :)

  10. As a psychology major, I think this is such a neat study. The preferences really do make sense. I think I'm with the caramel lovers even though I live in a warm climate. Although, they all sound like pure deliciousness. :)

  11. Tiffin ATW! Saying that... If you told me 4 years ago that I'l like a bar with Raisins I would have politely told you where to go... and before that... I didn't know Tiffin exists. Its sooo amazing tho!

  12. Mmmmmm I'm like a tie between Caramel and Whole Nut. It honestly depends on what mood I'm in.
    Now I want chocolate!!


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