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Home Decor Ideas | My Dream Living Room ♥

I've shared my thoughts on the blog before about how much I'd love to change the decor of my home. We moved into the house at the end of 2012 and sadly it has never truly felt like home to me.

I grew up in a beautifully decorated farmhouse with lots of space and storage, sadly, the house my little family and I now rent is like a dollhouse, has no space and isn't decorated as I would like. I have tried to make it as homely as I can with soft furnishings, knick knacks and family pictures but I had being so restricted when it comes to renovating and decorating.

I can't wait until we have our own home one day, ideally we'd like to build our own house so that we can have it just how we'd like. I've already shared my ideas for my dream bathroom so I thought I'd move onto another room and share what my dream living room would be like.

Hopefully our future living room will be big and spacious. I'd like the room to be light and airy with a shabby chic feel when it comes to the decor. One thing I hate about our current home is lack of carpets so the thing which I most definitely want in my future living room is a carpeted floor.

Our current home has a wooden floor in the living room and I hate it. It's so cold and I hate that our son doesn't have a nice soft, warm carpet to play on. I love the look of the light beige carpet from Carpetright's Concord Berber Collection. It looks like quite a stylish carpet and the pile looks great for my little one (and any future little ones) to toddle around on.

I think having a carpet in a room definitely makes it a warmer space and one all the family can enjoy relaxing in.

I saw the pastel patchwork sofa on a Facebook page I follow. A lady had gotten it for her office and I just fell in love with it, it's so pretty! I think it'd be the perfect sofa to take pride of place in my shabby chic inspired living room. I don't know if I could leave anyone sit on it though, it's too beautiful! I also think sofa covers of imperial rooms would be a good investment too to keep the sofa clean from the kids.

I want the shelving units to be white and I'll probably do some DIY to them myself to make them look more distressed and older by adding lace look trims like on the shelves above. My mother has done this to some cupboards in her house and it looks great.

For decoration I'd like the feel to be romantic. I have lots of glass jars which I'd like to fill with rose lights like the picture above. I love these cherry blossom/rose lights, they'd be perfect for the jars and so romantic in the evenings. I think it's such a simple idea but really pretty.

I'd also like lots of family pictures dotted around the room in white frames. I've seen lots of beautiful white frames in my local discount store for just €1.49 each so I'll be stocking up on them for sure. I also love the look of this angel bookshelf, I love anything to do with angel and it's so in keeping with the shabby chic feel I'm going for.

I want lots of cosy cushions to scatter around the place. I have mismatching cushions at the moment and I love the mix of floral and bunting prints I have so I'd like to continue with that look in my future living room.

Sass & Belle do some adorable cushions which are perfect for the shabby chic theme I'd going for. I love the Spring Woodland Friends cushion cover and the Beatrix Rabbit Cushion the most from their range.

These are just some of my ideas for my dream living room. Looking at the mood board above I'm loving the feel of the room already! Do you have a vision of your dream living room too?


  1. I have always loved this sort of patterns in homes. I know you can always change it up if you don't like it, and maybe one day I'll decorate our living room this way too. It's just so pretty. I love that patchwork sofa the best :)

  2. I love the patchwork quilt couch. They just don’t make couches like they used to. The coffee table is great addition to the room as well as the couch; I love the drawers on the coffee table.

  3. Oh wow now I am more inspired to change the decors in our home, too. I was just thinking about it the other day. I just hesitated because I know that it will involve lots of cashing out / expenses. But I guess with a few DIY works, I can also save a lot.

  4. I love everything that you picked! The Patchwork sofa, that's super cute! We got this house last October and since we're divorcing, he's keeping the house and I'm moving with the kids. So our next house, I hope to make "our home". I have so many fun pinterest ideas, I want to do.

  5. Wow your dream living room is beautiful! I really love the shabby chic cabinet/tablet and the cushions! I really love your style all together and how everything compliments each other! This really inspires me to go and check out new decor for my living room which is at the moment quite simple and plain.

  6. I am dreaming of a new bigger house for a larger livingroom and kitchen. Love your shabby chic idea. I'm into redecorating and would love a blank canvas. Good luck with your home decor.

  7. I really like the roses in the glass jar as decoration - they are so pretty and probably just make everything seem so sweet in the room. I really like all of the rose accents in the furniture and such. The rose lights are gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful mood board for a romantic, warm, welcoming living room! I can totally imagine getting dressed up and having tea with you, and enjoying the warm spring air waft through.... <3 I'm sure your little one would love such a living room! And the DIY touch is awesome. My dream living room would have a lot of warm, light tones (cream, white, light tan, and silver metal and glass accents), with jewel accent colors (turquoise, rose, etc.) in the accessories that could be switched out. Still have a ways to get there, but having fun building the vision... :)


  9. WOW, That board is beautiful. The coffee table = love right there! Haha. Actually love everything about your board. The couch, Oh Man.. I honestly think that would be amazing for some photo shoots! Haha. The feel is just very calming and pretty. I could cozy up in a room like that with a good blanket and book! Thank you for sharing!

  10. What a sweet mood board! Got to love the patch work sofa, not sure if I would go for such a romantic mood in my livingroom at this stage in life but it's sweet and I can imagine it for a younger mom. Think it would make a great snuggle room.

  11. Love this such a fab mood board.
    This is like my dream living room too.

  12. your dream living room is beautiful. Actually I love everything about your board.


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