Friday, January 16, 2015

Tyler Lee - 23 Months Old ♥

Your little face makes me smile and those curls, I don't think we can ever cut them
My little angel man, you are now 23 months old, just one month left until you turn two, then these updates shall become yearly instead of monthly. How on Earth have you grown up so quickly? Time really does fly when you're having fun! I cannot believe that on this day 23 months ago I was holding you for the first time, seeing what you looked like and getting those first precious cuddles with you, you have changed so much since then and now you love to cuddle me back, something I truly do love. You are the most loveliest person I know, not just because you're my son but because I see how kind, gentle, loving, affectionate and friendly you are, of course, you have your moments like we all do but I couldn't picture a better person to spend my days with than you. I am so incredibly proud of you and the person you will continue to grow into. I'm being a very silly Mama right now getting so emotional just writing this and looking at your picture above. You truly light up my life and I'm so happy to be able to call you my son.

Wading out to sea.
Those beautiful blue eyes.
He sells seashells on the sea shore...
 This past month of your life you celebrated your second Christmas and were both spoilt by Santa and our family, in fact, the spare room harbours presents you still haven't opened because you simply received too much, I think we'll have to donate some to boys and girls who need them. Please always know and appreciate how lucky you are. You also began playschool on January 5th and even though you cry when Daddy and I leave you there I'm told my your teacher that you're perfectly fine after two minutes and thoroughly enjoy yourself and join in - that's what I like to hear. Today you even came home with a star sticker on your coat because you were such a good boy, something I hope you will always be.

Having a much needed sit down on the beach
Splashing is more fun with feet AND hands
My little merbaby
 When I picked you up today I just had to take you to your favourite place to get your monthly photos - the beach! Honestly Tyler Lee you are such a merbaby. Thank God I brought your wellies because you waded right into the water to go for a swim, how the cold doesn't phase you I'll never know! You're always happiest when you're at the beach, you truly are an Aquarius boy for sure!

 Weight - I have no idea and I doubt you'd stay still on the scales!
Height - Another thing I don't know, I must check when you wake up from your nap.
Hair - Very long dark blonde curls. I think your front curls may need a trim but I really don't want to cut them.
Teeth - 18
Clothes Size - 18-24
Shoe Size - 23 or 7
Nappy Size - 5
Favourite Food - Cheese, marshmallows, pasta in tomato sauce, rice cakes.
Sleeping Time - One nap a day, usually two hours long. 12 hours a night.
Words - Mumma, Dada, Grandad, Nana, dog, cat, shoe shoes, door, slide, mess, uh-oh, tired, one, two, three, walk, yeah, no, hey, this, kiss, car, who is it, who is he, love you, lovely, out, hungry, hi, hiya, hey, go, again, nice, love, outside, where is he, choo choo, Daisy, Ella, Kayla, school, splash splash. Probably some more that I've forgotten, you're learning new words everyday.
Loves - All your cuddly toys, playing with water, the beach, being outside, In the Night Garden, going for a walk, toy cars, your kitchen (especially the blender!), brushing your teeth, running around the place, being thrown up in the air and doing gymnastics, older children, lying on all your cuddly toys, the sea, lemon and lime water, cuddling your slippers, bath time and being read a story.
Hates - Having your face cleaned, getting your nappy changed, sitting still, being told 'no' or 'ah ah ah', having your nose wiped, when we come home after being out somewhere fun, when Daddy goes to work and the Thompson ad on the tv with the teddy - I don't know whether you feel sad for the teddy or if you're frightened of him!

My little love, I hope this month of your life sees lots of fun times and learning opportunities for you. Daddy and I have already prepared everything for your birthday and you're in for a fun time and lots of surprises. Please continue to be amazing. You're the best son I could ever ask for, my best friend even and I love you with all my heart.



  1. Awesome blue eyes!)
    Sweet little boy.

  2. Awwwww :) I always love these posts.He certainly likes the water.


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