Monday, January 26, 2015

Two Seasons In One Day ♥

Winter and snowdrops in the background, spring and daffodils in the foreground.
On Saturday my boys and I visited one of my favourite places again, the magical Blarney Castle and gardens. I had been wanting to go up there again to take a few snaps every since I had received my new camera for Christmas and I'm delighted with the images I captured there on Saturday. I want to be more creative with my photography this year, I want to capture not only moments but colours, places and the emotions of people around me in their full glory. Capturing people is my favourite type of photography, I just love capturing a moment in time from someone's life but this year I'm trying to push myself and capture the beauty of the world around me in images too. The above image is one of my favourites that I captured, it shows winter and it's snowdrops in the background with spring and it's daffodils in the foreground. I cannot believe that in January the buds of spring are already blooming but I was delighted to see them, there's no better sight than the splash of yellow colour that daffodils bring, it signifies that spring and it's warmer weather are on the way.

 Walking down one of the avenues of the grounds I was greeted by little white snowdrops blooming through the dead leaves of autumn and winter. Snowdrops are one of my favourite flowers, I think they're so dainty and pretty so I had to stop and take some pictures of them to remember the prettiness that winter can bring. In the distance, right at the end of the avenue, I noticed a splash of yellow colour, the photographer in me just had to go and investigate.

 When I reached the very end of the avenue I was greeted by a sea of gorgeous, golden daffodils in full bloom. I couldn't believe how many of them there were. I've always loved spring, ever since I was a little girl. There's something so magical about the season which makes it stand out from the rest for me. I love the colour it brings and all the new life. I think it also helps that my birthday is in spring which makes me like the season even more, and Easter of course with all it's chocolate. I love that I was able to capture two seasons in one photo and in the aspect which I did too - winter in the background and spring in the foreground, it just shows a glimpse of what's to come, a new season full of growth, colour and hopefully warmth!

I'll be sharing some of my other captures from Blarney Castle and Gardens later in the week as part of my Guide of Cork but I couldn't help but share these beautiful blooms first. I shared the first picture on Instagram and people couldn't believe that daffodils were in bloom already, it seems spring has arrived in Ireland far quicker than it has anywhere else.

What is your favourite spring flower?


  1. These photos are gorgeous! It seems to me that spring is going to be starting early, here in The Netherlands too!

    1. Thank you Inge! Oh how lovely, I can't wait to see Amsterdam in the spring in March!

  2. Wow! Your photography is amazing, well done girl!

    1. Oh wow, thank you for the lovely comment :)

  3. *sigh* I can't wait for winter to be over!


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