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Titanic Bar and Grill, Scotts Building, 20 Casement Square, Cobh | Guide Of Cork ♥

 This is the second post for my Guide of Cork and it's another restaurant review, this time in my hometown of Cobh. It's amazing how I can go so long without going out for dinner and then go out two times in one week - 2015 is going well so far! This time though it wasn't a family affair, instead I was out for a much needed catch up with the girls, one being the lovely Louise from Tattooed Lady With A Baby. We'd been planning this 'mother's night out' for almost a year so it was long overdue. We decided to stay local and go to the Titanic Bar and Grill. Cobh is famous for being the last port of call for the prestigious and ill-fated ship Titanic and the Scott's Building where the Titanic Bar and Grill is located was the ticketing building for the White Star Line, owners of the Titanic - great to have some history and good food in one!

 The decor of the Titanic Bar and Grill has a real luxurious feel with nods the famous ship itself in the outside decor and the interior walls. The dining room is airy and spacious, enough room between tables so that you can have an intimate dinner with family and friends. There are also booth type seats by the windows which are lovely to sit in and look out at the beautiful Cork Harbour whilst enjoying a drink or dinner. Titanic Bar and Grill also has an outdoor seating area which is amazing during the summer, it's such a sun spot and has the most amazing views of the water.

 We started off with some white wine, a bottle of Il Papavero Pinot Grigio which really was lovely and very reasonably priced at €22.50 per bottle - even better when you're splitting it with two friends. I love how big the wine glasses are at the Titanic Bar and Grill, it makes you think you're not drinking as much as you are!

 Titanic Bar and Grill offers a good menu ranging from fish dishes to pasta to meats, they also have daily specials. We skipped the starters and went straight for the main. I chose the vegetarian burger as it's a favourite meal of mine when I dine out. It came in a lovely soft bun with two veggie patties, peppers and a smothering of Marie Rose sauce - so delicious! It also came accompanied with chips, salad, coleslaw and a sweet chili dip. Least to say I ate it all as we were waiting quite some time for our meal, we didn't mind though as we were catching up and to be fair the dining room was busy with two birthday parties as well as other patrons so it was obvious that a wait would be in order.

For dessert I opted for the lemon tart, another favourite of mine when I dine out. This really was lemony and the pastry was delicious, my favourite part of the whole thing. I've had other desserts at the Titanic before and they're always delicious.

I've visited the Titanic Bar and Grill and was a bit disappointed previous times by the service, however, the last two times including this time were great experiences and I will be back (here I am writing a review so all must be forgiven for sure!). I recommend a trip to the Titanic Bar and Grill if you're ever in Cobh for a day trip, it's a great place to have lunch and drink outside on a sunny day and it's lovely to have a sense of history whilst you're enjoying a meal.

Titanic Bar & Grill, 
Scott Building, 
20 Casement Square, 


  1. Wow, I would so love to visit the Titanic Bar, I'm obsessed with the film haha ;) Looks awesome! x

    1. Oh you'd love my town so Alex, EVERYTHING is about the Titanic here! :) x

  2. seems like titanic! wow, so pretty, I'd like to try.


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