Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tips & Tricks For Flying With Small Children ♥

Tyler Lee in the airport before his second flight to his first holiday abroad.
 Family holidays can be thoroughly enjoyable for children and their parents, but the journey is not without its difficulties, especially if you happen to be travelling with very young children. Going on an adventure away from home has the potential to be extremely exciting and exhilarating, but can also seem quite scary and daunting at the same time, especially for first-time parents. Last summer Jacek and I took Tyler Lee on his first holidays abroad and although we were both feeling daunted and anxious about how we would cope with him on a plane before we left, everything actually went fine due to us preparing ahead and using some of the tips below.

From short haul flights to Spain for a week in the sun to long haul trips to the other side of the world visiting distant relatives, here is everything you need to know about flying with infants, toddlers and small children.

Book at the right time with the right airline
Some families are only able to travel during the school holidays or half term, but if you can avoid peak-time flights, you’ll be rewarded with more space, more attention and a better experience all round. Weekday flights tend to be less busy too, so look at travelling between Tuesday and Friday. And although you might pay more for a nicer airline, the additional cost is often well worth it.

Speak to your fellow passengers
The sight of a screaming baby or unhappy toddler nearby can strike fear into the hearts of your fellow passengers. But if you actually speak to those around you and make light of the situation, they will probably be much more accommodating and accepting. Apologising in advance or handing out sweets when your child does kick the chair in front goes a long way.

Get them excited about flying
When you think about it, flying at such incredible speed thousands of feet in the air is quite a remarkable thing and this will no doubt impress your kids. Very young children might not fully understand what is going on, but if you can teach your offspring about the wonder of flying, they are more likely to feel at ease and comfortable.

Come up with some games and activities
Keeping children occupied is tough at the best of times, but on a crowded and confined flight this becomes an even bigger challenge. But use the airplane to your advantage and come up with some appropriate activities or games. Let your child be the pilot or get them to draw portraits of fellow passengers. Alternatively, there is always flying themed games on smartphones and tablets to fall back on.

Don’t forget the essentials
From medical supplies including ear drops and sick bags for the changing altitude and turbulence to their favourite toy or book, don’t forget to include the essentials in your carry-on. Always take more than you may necessarily need and pack similar essentials in your checked luggage just in case items get lost in transit.
Don’t be put off by the thought of going on holiday and flying with young children. As long as you remember these tips and tricks, you are sure to have a great time away and all that travelling will soon be forgotten about.

Now that we've already taken Tyler Lee on four flights I think Jacek and I are feeling okay with taking him on a plane this year, although he will be much older this year and is in that toddler stage where all he wants to do is run around so we'll see how it goes, hopefully we'll be able to keep him entertained and sitting down!

Are you going on a holiday with your little ones this year? Are you nervous about the flight with a baby or toddler?


  1. Great tips - I've not flown with my girls yet. We've always ended up taking the ferry to France or Eurotunnel the last two or three years. Might do it for the first time this summer as looks like we're going to stay with family in Germany. Though I don't think mine count as "young" children any more at age 12 and 10.

  2. Great tips. Not going this year but consider going next year and that will be with 2 which makes it even more difficult but can't be stuck in the same country all the time.
    Matthew had his first flight at 9 months to Germany. Last one then was at 20 months to Germany too. Went quite well as he slept most of the time which I didn't expect. So got lucky.


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