Monday, January 19, 2015

Home Decor | My Dream Bathroom ♥

All the items I'd love to complete my dream bathroom space.
 I've shared my thoughts on the blog before about how much I would love to change the decor of my home to make it feel more like 'our' place as well as being cosy and functional for all the family. It's so hard getting round to redecorating as all our spare money went on Christmas and living in a rented property we have to be careful about what changes we make to the house. I honestly can't wait for the day when we hopefully get to build our own house and have the freedom to do whatever we like to the decor.

One room I have great plans for is the bathroom. I want the bathroom to be a functional space and one which can be used by all the family but I also want it to have a calming atmosphere as, lets be honest, as a mother to a very active toddler, having a bath or shower is about the closest thing to a sanctuary that I have!

  I want the atmosphere of the room to be light and warm so the colour scheme would be light ivory with some stunning bathroom furniture in the same shade as the walls and natural wood on the floor, perhaps painted white. I would love to have a freestanding bath, I just think they look so classic and I'd love something a bit more luxurious then a normal style bath for those relaxing soaks I've become fond of lately. I really like the look of the bath above I think it has quite an elegant look to it and I'd love to relax in it after a long day. To match the classic look in the bath I would love a traditional style mixer shower. We're found of having a lot of showers in our house and I think the style of the one above would be great for rinsing the little ones hair after his bath as well as being great from Jacek and I also.

Instead of a free-standing sink I'd like something to utilise the space a bit more by providing both a sink and a storage unit. I really love the look of the vanity unit above, the wood and the colour have that shabby chic feel which I love. I'd also love some storage in the space between the bath and the window wall and the tall drawer unit above matches the vanity unit I want for the sink perfectly. I could store lots of toiletries in the drawers and in the cupboard space as well as putting my Yankee candles on top for decoration. 
To add even more storage to the room I'd like to get a mirror which offers a cabinet inside it. I love the oval shape of the above mirror which offers three shelves for storing perfumes and toiletries as well as other products I don't want my little one getting hold of.

Finally I would update the lilac voile around the window with an ivory shade to match the bathroom furniture and paint and get nice new fluffy towels to match as well as a heated towel rack - I definitely need one for these cold morning after my shower!

These are just some of the decor ideas I have for my future bathroom, I hope one day I'm able to complete my bathroom wish list and have that perfect stylish and relaxing space I'd love.

Have you updated your bathroom in any way lately? Do you like any of the pieces I've shown above?


  1. Unfortunately our main bathroom is too small to fit all that in but I love to have that built in sink cupboards.

  2. This is so beautiful. I love the freestanding bath, would be perfect for those long, relaxing baths I so enjoy. :)

  3. Depending on how many people live in your home it is highly likely that the smallest room in the house, the bathroom, is actually the busiest. best shower head with hose


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