Sunday, January 25, 2015

Five Signs You Need A New Job ♥

If you’re miserable at the very thought of leaving the house to set out to work again, perhaps it’s time you considered getting the hell out of there (sorry for the bluntness!). The purpose of our lives should be to be happy, and to enjoy the precious time we get with loved ones. Whilst working is important to a lot of us, and it’s all very well and good, there’s a line, and ideally, we should work to live, not live to work…

You Dread The Mornings
 Unless you’re a morning person, a little bit of this is to be expected. Nobody really likes to leave their bed on a cold, January morning, but sometimes things can extend beyond that. You have to ask yourself why that is. If your job makes you ridiculously apathetic, there’s no point being there anymore. 

You Don’t Like The Location 
You Work In Perhaps your kids aren’t happy in their school in the city you live in, or perhaps you’ve had to move away from family and friends. It can be a shame when you’re enjoying your actual job, but not the place it’s based in, but that can be equally important. In fact, according to this article, if you’re even just a bit unhappy with the fact your office isn’t in a city centre, it can have huge impact on your happiness there. 

You Hate What You Do 
Somehow ended up working in a bank but hate finance? Or perhaps you work in a restaurant serving meat, but the sight and smell of it makes you feel sick? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to this depressing info here, up to 70% of Americans hate their jobs, and it’s probably similar elsewhere! Sometimes, it can boil down to not having enough perks or not being granted a good work/life balance with flexi time, but other times, it’s because your industry just isn’t right for you. Don’t have regrets. Go back to college if you need to. Just don’t spend your life feeling unfulfilled. 

You’re Jealous Of Everyone Else 
Does that one girl you went to school with pop her annoying little face all over your newsfeeds and timelines once a week with her smug attitude about her perfect life – or is she actually not that smug at all, just happy in herself and her chosen path? If you’re jealous of other people finding self-actualization, or about their really cool jobs, perhaps it’s time you seek it out for yourself, too. Confidence is a fine thing. 

You’re Always Broke
 There are loads of jobs people end up doing initially as a stopgap, but ten years down the line, they’re still in exactly the same place they were in before. If they’ve worked the way up the ranks, it’s fine, but if the pay rise and respect increase has been laughable, why not get out of there? It can seem hard to start searching after so long away from the game, but the skills, not to mention the dedication you’ve picked up at your current place, will go a long way.


  1. this definitely sounds like me, specially the Dread The Mornings and Hate What You Do part

  2. This is a great post. I've been really down about my job just lately - I've been working in a factory for 8 years now and I'm getting nowhere. I have to be up at 5:30am every morning to travel an hour via bus to get there. The job I do is very tiring and strenuous and for some reason I keep telling myself that 'it's just a job' and that yes, it pays the bills but I'm extremely unhappy there. I should be waking up on a morning excited to be going to work!
    Thank you for this post its given me an even bigger push to look for a job that I will love :)

    Brogan xx


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