Wednesday, December 31, 2014

#Project365 - Picture Number 354 - 365 ♥

 The look of love for his Mama.

 Bubbles and wonder at bath time.

Guess how much I love you?

 Splash splash for blue eyes.

 Rifling through his Christmas Eve basket.

 Toys galore! Thanks Santa!

 Cranky toddler and an awkward family...

 Sleeping soundly cuddling bunny.

 My little sleeping angel.

 Long lashes.

Happy bunny.

Playing us into a new year.

This post marks the end of my #Project365. It's been amazing seeing my son grow through each picture of this project, he's grown from a 10 month old baby on January 1st 2014 to a fully fledged 22 month old toddler on December 31st. These photos are ones I will cherish forever and which will someday soon make it into their own special photo albums as a forever keepsake of a year of Tyler Lee's life captured in a daily picture.

Thank you for following my #Project365 journey, I hope you've enjoyed the story behind each picture and seeing each one just as much as I've loved taking them.

Happy New Year!



  1. I just love the happy bunny cap. That is just adorable. Tyler Lee has such a contagious smile. He really brightened my day today. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with the blogging world.

  2. The daily photo is a fabulous idea. Thank you for sharing this journey!


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