Sunday, December 14, 2014

#Project365 - Picture Number 340 - 346 ♥

Lying on the floor enjoying his chocolate Santa lolly from the advent calendar. I think this picture looks like he's playing a flute or something!

My little afro man running around the garden. I am so in love with his gorgeous little face and that mass of blonde hair.
 Stopping to have a think midway through eating one of my homemade Christmas tree brownies. His mouth is so blurry from all the drool and chocolate!

On the train on the way to visit Santa, his excitement and delight is so clear in this picture. Chocolate smeared all over his designer coat (the horror!) and all over his teeth. That smile is divine - this is what childhood is all about.

 Opening another book from his book advent calendar. He absolutely loves tearing up the wrapping paper.

 Laughing at me saying "excuse me" in a funny voice, it really is the simple things which make him happy. I love the look of happiness on his little face.

Smiling once again. He's always so happy when it comes to opening the book advent calendar time and the normal advent calendar for that matter - chocolate! His favourite thing ever.

I love how smiley and happy my boy has been this week, long may it continue!



  1. Absolutely beautiful, I love these pictures Fi, his so adorable

  2. Hi, what do you put in your son's hair? My son has hair that is as curly as the 2nd picture from the top, except shorter and thinner. It's so crazy! But the other pictures of your son look like you got his curls to look nice. I have very straight hair so I have no idea what I am doing!! Any tips to make it look nicer? It looks like I probably need to put in some sort of product or something...


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