Sunday, December 07, 2014

#Project365 - Picture Number 333 - 339 ♥

Playing with the baubles on the Christmas tree, he loves it, especially the ornament with his name on it.

Having a think in his grandparents garden on a very warm winters day. I love how the light is making his hair look like a halo.

Having giggles in bed with his white chocolate coin from the advent calendar. He was laughing at me whispering "give me the chocolate".

Opening the second book from his book advent calendar. He's becoming a pro at unwrapping the books now.

Enjoying a white chocolate snowman lolly from the advent calendar whilst looking at the In the Night Garden toys in the Argos catalogue. He loves Upsy Daisy so much.

 Looking at the birds out in his grandparents garden on a cold winters day.

Watching cartoons knelt by the tree. He looks so angelic in black and white.

Just twenty-five more days to go of my project. It's been amazing capturing all these moments of my boys year and I hope the next twenty-five are just as special.



  1. His so adorable and such a poser, he should model when he grows up lol. Love those curls

  2. Yiu have a gorgeous son. And your photos are really pretty!

  3. Your little guy just always looks so angelic! I think your project is so sweet, he will appreciate it when he's older and has amazing baby photos!


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