Monday, December 22, 2014

12 Days Of Christmas Blogging Challenge Day #10 - 'Surviving' Christmas ♥

It's day #10 of the 12 Days Of Christmas Blogging and today's topic is surviving the holidays, now I don't called this time of year 'the holidays' as I celebrate Christmas and call it so. I don't shorten it to 'Xmas' either as I can't stand that - it's a little bug bear of mine, so December 12th until January 5th is simply Christmas to me. I don't look at Christmas as a time I have to 'survive' either as I find it to be an enjoyable time of year but I do have little bits and pieces which make this time even more enjoyable for me.

 A LUSH Christmas bath bomb. I think the whole world and his dog knows how much I love LUSH products at this stage and when Christmas time comes around I can't help but pick up a few products from their Christmas range, especially a few bath bombs for me to enjoy and have a relaxing soak with after a busy day. This year I have the Luxury Lush Pud, Golden Wonder and the Magic Wand to have some lovely soaks with.

Festive coloured lipstick. When it comes to Christmas time I like to rock darker, red and berry shade lip colours - ones which I stay clear of during the rest of the year as I'm not quite sure if they suit me or not. This year I've treated myself to MAC 'Rebel' as I've had my eye on this gorgeous, deep burgundy shade for awhile and it matches some of the dresses I have and wear a lot during the winter. I also have Clinique 'Scarlet' which I've had for awhile now but have never really worn before so I'm determined to rock it this Christmas.

Festive scented candles. Everyone also knows of my obsession with Yankee Candles and this year I've picked up a lot of their festive scents. Right now I'm burning North Pole which has a lovely minty scent to it which reminds me of yummy candy canes. Christmas Memories and Christmas Eve are two more of their scents which I shall be burning on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Chocolate and biscuits. It wouldn't be Christmas without a tin, or should that be tub now seeing as the packaging on everything seems to have changed in the current years, of Cadbury's Roses and Afternoon Tea biscuits - the latter being something I just can't seem to find this year, boo! I hope my mam manages to find a tin of them but I have us all stocked up on the chocolates including one of our favourites -  Cadbury's Selection Box and Toblerone! Everything in moderation of course!

A camera. I'm a bit of a photography addict and I never miss an opportunity to take a few pictures so what better time of year to take lots of family snaps then Christmas?! This year my amazing fiance has bought me a brand new camera, one I've been longing over for a long time now, the Nikon D3200 and I can't wait to get using it properly and capturing all our wonderful Christmas memories.

These are just a few things which I always have to have at Christmas time and which make the festive season even more enjoyable for me. What are your top products for 'surviving' Christmas?


  1. I love these two lippie shades looks pretty and i love to read this post <3

  2. I too do not like to think of Christmas as a time to survive but as a special holiday were I celebrate christ's birth and spend some quality time with family and friends far and near. I love the mac lipsticks and you have my favourite colours, not yet tried the yankee candles or the lush products.

  3. Lush and Yankee Candles are two of my favourite things! ^ ^

  4. I really need a new camera, I've heard great tháinig about Nikon! X

  5. I love your website! Merry Christmas to you and your family xoxo


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