Sunday, December 21, 2014

12 Days Of Christmas Blogging Challenge Day #9 - A Festive Puppy ♥

It's day #9 of the 12 Days Of Christmas Blogging Challenge and today's topic is Christmas accessories. Now I don't really have any Christmas accessories except for two Christmas jumpers (one with a snowman and one with Rudolph on it) and a Rudolph hair clip with a bell on it and those aren't very exciting for a post really... so you can imagine my delight when my stepdad rang me this morning telling me he had gotten a new puppy and when he brought her down to me she was wearing a fluffy red and white collar with bells on it - very festive indeed! This little pup was rockin' her Christmas accessory and I just can't help but show it and her off to you all, she's a little dote!

 This is Tilly ♥ She's a pure bred, pure white boxer puppy and she's just 12 weeks old. The only part of her that isn't white is her nose and mouth which has black markings, she's so adorable and soft. She's really gentle and such a sweetheart, I'd love her for myself. I really missing have a dog, our rental agreement doesn't allow pets which is something that really bothers me as I've had a dog and a cat ever since I was born and I wanted the same for Tyler Lee, I can't wait to move so that we can get a pet of our own.

 Isn't Tilly's little festive collar super sweet? She was jingling as she walked around my house. She was really sleepy when I saw her, she lay down on my couch to go to sleep, she's only a little baby afterall. I really couldn't help but show off her cuteness to you all, do you like how I incorporated her into fit into the Christmas accessories post with her collar just to show her to you all - clever that (well at least I thought so)! I may have to steal her off my stepdad when we move and are able to have a pet, she's just too adorable!

Welcome to the family Tilly!



  1. Oh, Tilly is the perfect accessory for your blog! We are partial to boxers - the ideal family dog:). Merry Christmas!

  2. This is too adorable! She is so lovely.

  3. Oh my gosh she is such a cutie! I would love to have this festive little pup as a visitor anytime!

  4. A warm welcome to Tilly!
    A new part of the family..
    So cute!


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