Friday, December 12, 2014

12 Days Of Christmas Blogging Challenge ♥

 I saw this challenge idea on the lovely The Kiss Of Joy blog and I've decided to take part in this challenge for myself - just for the fun of it! I think taking part in the 12 Days Of Christmas blogging challenge will really get me into the Christmas spirit and keep me busy in the run up to Christmas. I would love if some of my fellow bloggers joined me in this challenge too. You can also join the 12 Days Of Christmas blogging challenge Facebook group to link up with other bloggers taking part in the challenge. I must get my thinking cap on and find inspiration for some of these post, especially number two - random acts of kindness ideas anyone?! Here are the challenges for each day:

1. Christmas Recipe (13th)
2. Random Acts of Kindness (14th)
3. Christmas Memories (15th)
4. DIY projects (16th)
5. Favorite Outfits (17th)
6. Beauty Must-Haves (18th)
7. Gift Ideas (19th)
8. Books (20th)
9. Christmas Accessories (21st)
10. Surviving the Holidays (22nd)
11. Decor (23rd)
12. Holiday Entertainment - Movies & Music (24th)

This challenge will be a lot of fun for me and I hope you'll enjoy reading and seeing what I come up with for each challenge!


  1. Looking forward to reading each challenge. x

    1. Thanks Alex, hope you're enjoying them x

  2. Hope that you can finish your challenge:) Good luck

  3. Oh I love challenges. I'll be definitely joining this.

  4. My favourite RAK is to leave an unscratched lottery ticket in a library book :) This is a fab idea for a challenge!

    1. Thanks for the idea Sharon! I adapted it for my RAOK :)

  5. Oh, I love this challenge. Looking forward to reading more. Have a lovely Friday.


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