Monday, November 24, 2014

Living Arrows - Week 47 ♥

I am taking part in I Heart Snapping's weekly Living Arrows project, a photography project to capture an image which represents the magic of childhood through a parents eyes through the actions, likes, dislikes, looks and movements of your own children. Below is my picture for week forty-seven of Living Arrows.

 Just five weeks left of this project and my boy just amazes me more and more each week with how fast he is growing. It seems only yesterday that he was a baby unable to even roll over onto his tummy now he's a little toddler who I can't even keep up with and who can climb up banks onto walls! Like seriously, how has he even learned how to climb a bank and onto a wall?! I certainly didn't show him that, this boy has been on this Earth before I think. I can't keep my eyes off him for a second. I stopped to admire the glaring sun going down over the ditch and then I see his curly hair peeping up from above my mothers flowers on the bank. I race over and this is what greeted me - Tyler Lee posed like Simba from the Lion King over the mountain top with the white setting sunlight behind him. I wish my baby boy would stop growing so quickly... and giving me mini heart attacks too!


  1. This is such a wonderful idea! And too precious!

  2. Those curls are truly amazing! And it seems very useful as a locator beacon for one very adventurous little boy!

  3. Looks like he's ready for adventure. He has the most gorgeous hair!

  4. A good title for this pic would be "the sky is the limit!" <3


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