Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday - My Weightloss Journey with XLS-Medical Week #4 ♥

Another week of my weight loss journey with XLS-Medical has just flown by. I've still been sick this week, I've had headaches everyday and have had to rely on painkillers, it's been awful, time for a visit to the doctor I think. This week I have mustered the energy to get back to my walking again though and have gone on two 4k walks with my son, I hope to bring this back up to four or five walks next week, I really want to get better.

This week I've not had much of an appetite. Every morning I've been having my eggs on low GI toast as I find this fills me up for the day and I didn't want to be trying something new when I've been feeling so bad. It's just so simple to boil the eggs and pop the toast in the toaster. I really want to start making some delicious fruit smoothies next week though for something different, I have a recipe which includes mango that I really want to try. I've also been having my beans, without the toast though to keep my calories under my daily goal. I've been having chicken with veg, pork chops, chilli con carne and fajitas for my dinners, I've been adding in veg such as peppers, onions and carrots to bulk up the wraps, they're delicious. This week I feel as though I'm really toning up. My stomach feels a lot flatter and my arms seem more toned, I'm putting this all down to my high protein diet.

This week I have lost no weight which means my total weight loss is still a total of 6lbs lost so far. As for centimeters, I've lost a total of 16cm centimeters this week. I'm really disappointed not to have reached my weekly goal of 2lbs but I can't help being so sick, however, I'm happy to see that the centimeters are still dropping down.

Chest: -2cms
Bust: -3cms
Hips: -4cms
Left Leg: Stayed the same
Right Leg: -2cms
Left arm: -1cm
Right arm: -2cms
My stats for week 4 -
  Weight loss since last weigh-in - 0lb
Total weight loss - 6lbs 
Total centimeters lost - 45cms
I really hope I'm back to my normal self this week. I want to get back to my walking, the fresh air really does the world of good and I'm getting frustrated at not being able to go. Wish me luck in losing some pounds next week.

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