Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday - My Weightloss Journey with XLS-Medical Week #3 ♥

It's now been three weeks since I began my weight loss journey with XLS-Medical and I have to say that this week has been the hardest yet for me. I have been so sick! I have a fever and am boiling hot one minute and freezing cold the next, I have no energy and just want to sit or lie down, I've had a headache everyday for over a week now, a runny noise and a stabbing pain in my side, it's been awful. Even though I've been feeling so dreadful I've had another busy week running around trying to get things organised for a baby show I was selling some things at on Sunday (I saw some things, I mean of course that I could have opened my own shop with all I was selling!). Due to all this I still haven't been up for going on any walks, the weather has been terrible this week too so I suppose that makes me feel a bit better for not going out but if I've been breaking into a sweat getting my son ready for bed I can't even imagine what I'd have been like walking up a hill.

I've been sticking to my healthy eating plan and am now having hard boiled eggs for breakfast every morning. I've switched to Low GI bread to keep me feeling fuller throughout the day and it's really working, I don't feel hungry at all if I'm honest but I'm also putting that down to being so sick. I'm still having my beans on toast for lunch but have changed from Aldi's Corale baked beans to Batchelors as they have a far lesser sugar content. For dinners I've been having chicken fajita wraps with peppers and onion, mince in a tomato sauce with wholegrain pasta, chicken curry with brown rice and pork chops with vegetables. I find it easier to stick to a routine of foods at set times rather than choosing different things daily, luckily I don't get bored.

This week I have lost 1lb which is a total of 6lbs lost so far. As for centimeters, I've lost a total of 7cm centimeters this week. I'm disappointed not to have reached my weekly goal of 2lbs but I can't help being so sick, I'm happy to see that the centimeters are still dropping down.

Chest: -1cm
Bust: -2cms
Waist: Stayed the same
Hips: -2cms
Left Leg: -1cm
Right Leg: Stayed the same
Left arm: Stayed the same
Right arm 1cm

My stats for week 3 -
  Weight loss since last weigh-in - 1lb
Total weight loss - 6lbs 
Total centimeters lost - 29cm

I hope this week I start feeling better and am able to reach the 2lb weight loss again.Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck on reaching your goals. I am sure you will do it xx


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