Friday, October 17, 2014

Tyler Lee - 20 Months Old ♥

 My little angel man, you're now twenty months old. How on Earth do I have a twenty month old already?! Like seriously, where has the time gone? In just four months you'll be two, I can't even comprehend that, I feel as though my time with you as gone by so quickly. You're now turning into a proper little boy and you're so affectionate, I can't get enough of it. Your new word for a kiss is 'love' if anyone asks for a 'love' they get a kiss, it's adorable. You also are fond of dishing out the cuddles and hugs. This month I also taught you how to high five and when you do it you always clap hands after, it's so sweet. You learn more and more each day and it's amazing what you know even without anyone having shown it to you, it's the little things that amaze me like seeing you put the lid on a pen, how do you know how to do that?! This month you've also become my little shadow, you follow me everywhere and like to sit on my lap or beside me having cuddles. You've also been wanting to be up in my arms more but I'm putting that down to your teething, just four more teeth to go baby boy, yay! You never stop moving, you always have to be on the go and when we're out playing in the garden you never stop running around, you especially love when we play chase, it's so lovely to hear you giggle with excitement. This month you've also began to dance and jump around, you actually love dancing and going around in circles just for no reason. You've begun to sing in your own little melodies and you've taken more of an interest in the piano, ukulele and xylophone, I hope you have a musical streak! You say 'hi' to everyone we meet, you're such a friendly little thing, I hope that never changes, especially as you'll be beginning play school in just three months.

 Weight - 28lbs
Height - 89cm
Hair - Very long medium blonde curls which are very tight at the back and which get quite fluffy on top, especially in the morning or after your nap.
Teeth - 16
Clothes Size - 18-24 months but 12-18 months in some brands still fit.
Shoe Size - 23 or 7
Nappy Size - 5 in Pampers.
Favourite Food - Cheese, pasta, strawberries.
Sleeping Time - One nap a day, although you're now starting to fight that but you still sleep 12 -14 hours a night.
Words - Mumma, Dada, Grandad, Nana, dog, cat, shoe shoes, door, slide, mess, uh-oh, tired, one, two, three, walk, yeah, no, hey, this, kiss, car, who is it, who is he, love you, lovely, out, hungry, hi, hiya, hey, go, again, nice, love.
Loves - PupPup, bunny and teddy, pretending to be on the phone, playing with water, being outside, going for a walk, toy car and the dinky cars, bouncing up and down on the bed, running around the place, climbing the stairs and coming down it, the hoover, being thrown up in the air, pretending to be dropped, running around, going out in your trike, going on a swing, older children, lying on all your cuddly toys, the sea, your slide, lemon and lime water, the playground, playing in the sand, ice lollies and lollipops.
Hates - Having your face cleaned, getting your nappy changed, sitting still, being told 'no' or 'ah ah ah', being made to eat your meals, when you don't like what's on tv and when our walks are over.

You are such a blessing to me, you're my angel and I love you so much baby buttons.


  1. Wow already in size 7!!! somebody will have big feet.

  2. My little man hates when he doesn't like whats on tv too! I try and sneakily watch America's next top model and he just says "no! cbeebies mummy!" xx

    1. It's so funny isn't it? I have to watch everything I like after he's gone to bed! x

  3. He is so adorable, and he has striking blue eyes! :)

  4. Adorable! those curly locks and I love his little cloud shirt :)

  5. Such a big boy already! I love his outfits that you coordinate for him! :)

  6. Oh my goodness, his outfit! I love it so much! And those curls...

  7. What a gorgeous little man! I love his sweet, blonde curls! <3

  8. Wow he sounds like his gonna be a very very tall boy, his so cute I just love his curls

  9. I love the fact that he has planes on the bottoms and clouds on the top - so cute! The little curls are s adorable!

  10. Love this idea of journalling all the stats and memories for the babe!

  11. You have such a cutie on your hands!

  12. He looks and sounds like such a sweetheart!! xo

  13. I can't even handle this cuteness! His HAIR! <3

  14. Wow look at that blonde curly hair, so cute!

  15. I love the leggings where are they from? mine is the same hates sitting still and hates have his nappy changed :-)

  16. I love this! He'll have a great journal of his life to look back on

  17. This is such a great idea to capture Tyler's life while he is so young. One day I'm sure he will love you even more for it. I smiled the reading this from beginning to reminded me of the innocence and beauty of youth. By the way he is an absolute sight for sore eyes. :)


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