Saturday, October 25, 2014

#Project365 - Picture Number 290 - 296 ♥

Another week, more moments from my sons life captured in a daily picture. This week seems to have gone by slower then usual, probably because Daddy has started a new position at work and is working longer hours so it's the boy and I more than usual.

Trying out something new in the bath, turning over onto his tummy as if he was swimming. This boy never ceases to amaze me, it seems like he's doing new things everyday now and I have no idea where he's learned them all from!

 Taking a nap with his bunny. This reminds me of the first picture I ever took as part of this project on January 1st, so sweet.

Eating one of my freshly made Halloween cupcakes, he has a sweet tooth.

Throwing stones into the water down in Cuskinny. I love how autumnal the background is behind him.

Cuddling his lullaby hares and looking super cute before bedtime.

Climbing on the bank out in the garden to get the hobbit door. I took this picture from his bedroom window, I love the light.

Climbing on the bank again! He'll give me a heart attack one of these days, rock climber for sure!


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