Saturday, October 18, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 282 - 289 ♥

Another week of my sons life has flown by and I've captured seven more days in a daily picture of him, it's amazing to see how much he's changed already since January 1st 2014. This week I've gotten a picture of him awake everyday, no sleeping pictures, amazing! We're almost at 300 days, I can't believe it. 

Rocking his first ever pair of slippers, these gorgeous Rudolph, fluffy booties from Next. I love his little pose, as Tyra would say - head to toe baby!

 My little bunny amongst the fawns. He was running around his grandparents garden and stopped on the steps to have a little rest. I love hats on him, his golden curls are always peeking out through the front.

This week my boy has been learning to use cutlery by himself and he's mastered it quite quickly. Here he was eating mint chocolate chip ice-cream by himself. I love how his hair looks here.

I absolutely love this picture of my little cherub in his first ever scarf. This set is also from next and I think he looks adorable with his little smirky smile. In this picture he looks just like his Daddy.

Tyler Lee's new favourite game is chase out in the back garden. I chase him all around the garden but he always ends up here by the garden gate. In this picture he's half giggling half out of breath from all the running, he's so funny.

This week my boy turned 20 months old and he was rocking one of my favourite items of clothing he's ever worn, this gorgeous cloud print jumper from Zara. I'm getting a bit of a cloud obsession for pieces for him at the moment. I think he looks super cute.

My boy's been loving his splash splash again and on Friday night he got a real treat with his The Christmas Penguin bubble bar from LUSH which made a ton of bubbles. He was staring off into space in a mass of bubbles and I think he looks like a little angel in this picture.


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  1. He's grown up so much and his getting more jansome everyday! :D


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