Tuesday, October 07, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 268 - 274 ♥

I captured this shot of Tyler Lee after his bath on Saturday night. I dressed him for bed in his unbelievably adorable Winnie the Pooh onesie, he was so calm and sleepy after his bath.

On Sunday I tried to capture a picture of my boy when he was sleeping but then his Daddy came home from work and he heard the front door opening - perfect timing, NOT! I love how sleepy he looks in this picture, he looks so cosy wrapped up in his blankie too.

On Monday Tyler Lee and I went for a little nature walk in the woods, in fact, we visited two woods that day in search of some red leaves for our autumn leaf garland, unfortunately we couldn't find any, He looked so cute in his little fox hoody and was running around everywhere, the boy is fast!

On Tuesday I captured a picture of my boy after he had gone to sleep for the night. I love this picture, his bunny appears to be giving him a cuddle, so sweet.

On Wednesday morning Tyler Lee woke up to find a new toy waiting for him. He loves his Fisher Price Smart Stages Crawl Around Car, he's been playing with it for hours on end. It's great to see him enjoying a toy so much.

On Thursday Tyler Lee experienced the predicament we all meet at sometime in our life, wanting to leave the room but not wanting to miss what's on the television. He stood at the door for ages and once the ads came on he deemed it now appropriate to go upstairs. He's so funny.

On Friday Tyler Lee climbed onto my bed to watch me do my hair. He sat there for ages, looking at the light flooding in through the windows and having a little think for himself. I used to sit him here as a tiny baby for his photographs, it's amazing to see just how much he's grown now and look at those big feet!


  1. Hi, oh wow he so cute :) I love his blond curls. xx


  2. He's gorgeous. Definitely looks like a calm little boy. I've got a little rascal on me. Lol


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