Monday, October 27, 2014

Family Holiday Ideas 2015 - Villa Pia In Tuscany ♥

 Is it too early to be thinking about next years family holiday? I don't think so, especially when I've been greeted every morning with the sight of gloomy, cloudy and wet weather all week - please don't tell me this is going to last all autumn and winter, where is the sun?! Jacek and I are the type of people who start to think about our next holiday as soon as we return from one and we also begin saving straight away for it too. Last year Jacek expressed that he'd like to visit Italy again, we've both been before but to different places and not together. I wasn't too keen on revisiting a country as I always like to try somewhere new but then I saw what Villa Pia in the beautiful Tuscany region has to offer and I honestly couldn't think of a lovelier place for a relaxing family holiday (well, as relaxing as our very active toddler would allow!).

 Villa Pia is located in the town of Lippiano in the beautiful Tuscany countryside amidst green fields, vineyards and olive groves and just outside the gates of a 10th century castle (fabulous for us castle loving folk!). The villa itself has a charming, rustic, old Italian feel to it and has quite a romantic look to it too with it's shutters, classic Italian decor and ivy adorned walls. The villa offers a romantic atmosphere for parents but is also the ideal place for children as it's set on five acres of land which is perfect and safe for the little ones to run around in to their hearts content. The villa itself has seventeen rooms so I can imagine it has the feel of a boutique hotel and I like the fact that the villa won't be swarmed with people unlike those resort holidays we've all been on where you can't even relax due to the crowds and race to the sun chairs.

 Villa Pia offers a range of facilities including two swimming pools, a sandpit (I know my little one would love this!), a tree house, a tennis court and a range of other play activities to keep little ones happy and entertained. For the adults there are beauty treatments, art, Italian and cookery classes as well as yoga (something I've always wanted to try).

I think Villa Pia offers a different type of holiday experience from our usual excursions to the beach. I think it'd be great to experience something new and more relaxing and to be in a place which is safe for our son to run around, surrounded by beautiful scenery and a new castle to explore and getting a taste of the true Italian experience. It sounds idyllic to me.

You can find out more information, view more pictures and make bookings on the Villa Pia website.



  1. Villa Pia sounds beautiful! I love Italy, myself and my partner spent a Summer travelling through the country a few years back and fell in love with the place, so much so the we want to return to get married. We looked into getting a villa in Tuscany last year for our Summer holiday but we had left it too late. It's something that I really want to do, you will have an amazing experience, so much better then your traditional package holiday. xx

  2. That looks soo dreamy! Keep thinking about holidays for next year so great post!

    Kay xxx

  3. It's a great option. It seems nice and quiet perfect for families with little children. :)


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