Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wheelybug Bee From Hippychick - The Toy With A Conscience ♥

 As a mother I'm always on the lookout for new, fun, beautiful looking toys for my little one, especially when occasions such a Christmas are on the way but what's even better for me is when I stumble across a toy or children's product which has all these qualities but which also has the added extra of being charitable or ecological or even both when it comes to it's manufacture or proceeds, the Hippychick Wheelybug Bee offers all these fantastic qualities and is also charitable, making it the perfect toy with a conscience for me. As you all may know, bees need to be protected from extinction and to help this cause Hippychick are offering a percentage of their Christmas sales from the Wheelybug Bee to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to help save the Shrill Carder Bee from extinction - a very worthy cause and such a noble thing for them to do I'm sure you'll agree. Our Wheelybug Bee came with an activity sheet all about bumblebees which is fun for children to colour in and solve the puzzles as well as learning about how to protect bumblebees from extinction and what can be done to help the cause.

If the charitable aspect of the Wheelybug Bee wasn't great enough already, let me tell you about the toy itself. I have to admit, it's pretty amazing and Tyler Lee absolutely loves his. It's not often I see him getting hyped up over a toy but as soon as he saw the Wheelybug Bee he was all over it. The bee part itself is so striking to look at with it's bright yellow and black stripes, it's also so soft to sit on and is finished perfectly. The bee body is fitted to a wooden panel and then to swivel wheels which allow the Wheelybug to go in all directions - backwards, forwards, around in a circle, side to side, whatever your little one fancies! The bee also features two springy antennae - Tyler Lee's favourite part of the Wheelybug, he likes to bat them and make them spring from side to side, so adorable! The Wheelybug is then finished with a handle at the front for your little one to hold onto whilst riding it around.

Tyler Lee is just getting to grips with moving around on his Wheelybug Bee but is absolutely loving it! This is his first ride on toy so the novelty and newness of it all is so exciting for him. The Wheelybug Bee really is such a beautiful toy and I love the classic look it has as well as the finish and materials used. The quality of it is fantastic and it's so unique to other ride on toys I've seen before, I also love that it's not plastic either, yay for natural materials when it comes to toys! I highly recommend the Wheelybug Bee to any parents looking for the perfect gift for their little ones this Christmas, not only is it a fantastic looking toy but it's also fun and easy to store as it's not big or bulky and some of it's proceeds are going to charity - what could be more fitting for the season of giving?

Wheelybugs are available in two sizes - small £59.95, suitable for 1-3 years and large £69.95, suitable for 2-5 years, we have the large size. You can read more about the Wheelybug Bee here and see the other adorable Wheelybug design Hippychick have to offer on the Hippychick website. You can also visit the Bumblebee Conservation Trust for more information on the effort to bring bumblebees back from the brink of extinction.


  1. I have been looking at these for quite sometime. If my memory serves me right they exist in ladybugs and frog version too? We have so many ride ons though. :/

  2. I've never seen these! This is the most adorable rider I've ever seen!!!

  3. That is the cutest thing ever! Now, give me a pic of sweet TL on it!

  4. What a cute little toy! I wish they had stuff like that here in America!

  5. Too cute! I'd love to get this for my little one!

  6. That thing is adorable! We need to look into one.


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