Thursday, September 25, 2014

Three By The Sea ♥

Yesterday, September 24th, was mine and Jacek's three year anniversary. The day also marked seven years since we first laid eyes on each other and spoke for the first time when I started working with him. We're celebrating alone today and I shall be posting more about that tomorrow but yesterday we celebrated as a family, just the three of us by the sea. 

We packed a picnic and drove to Garryvoe, a gorgeous beach in East Cork which is very popular during the summer due to it's golden sand - something which is lacking in beaches around my island it has to be said, they're usually all full of stones and pebbles, not great for the bare feet! I was happy to find that the beach was almost deserted and the lack of a breeze combined with the shining sun made it feel like a summers day, it was actually roasting hot and I loved it. I watched my boys playing down by the waterfront, Tyler Lee exploring the various rock pools along the way and getting soaking wet in the process, that boy just loves the water, even when it's freezing cold it doesn't phase him. Jacek went paddling and assured me that the water was warm, I think September needs to be known as an extension of summer as it always seems to be a lovely, sunny month here in Ireland.

We had a lovely picnic on the beach, Jacek and I looking at our boy as he went exploring, we couldn't be more proud of him and in awe at the fact that we created this gorgeous, curly haired little angel. He's ours. We took our obligatory anniversary selfie and I realised that almost every picture of Jacek and I together has been taken on a beach or by the coast, the sea seems to be a theme in our love story. We've seen a lot in our three years together, we've visited many different places, have had lots of laughs, some tears, lots of adventure and have made many happy memories both together and as a family with our little boy. I love my boys and the three of us by the sea equals perfection to me.

Here are some pictures from our perfect day together, just the three of us to mark three years of love.

I loved the look of the clouds mixed with white and grey against the bright blue sky.

Jacek taking a paddle.

The obligatory annual anniversary selfie.

This most certainly isn't autumn.

Our little explorer.

Two boys and an island, all diagonal.

 He loves getting messy in the sand and rock pools.

Kisses from my angel.

A heart made of stone.

 Strolls by the shoreline.

 The boys in the distance.

 Playing with Daddy.

 Taking a dip in the sea.

 Lock Ness monster pose.

 My little babe and I.

 Dada, Mumma & Tyler makes three.



  1. Lovely images! Beach photos are the best!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love these photos!!!!

  3. SO much fun! Wish I lived by a sea! Happy 3 years of love :)

  4. What a gorgeous place! This is such a fun way to celebrate your anniversary.

  5. This looks like such a fun place. I love to see different beaches around the world. My favorite photo is the one you captioned, "my little explorer".

  6. Adorable photos. What is that island out from the beach? I reminds me of Mont St. Michel in France!

  7. Happy Anniversary! You guys took some great photos. Love the heart made of stones.

  8. Gorgeous photos and happy anniversary! I love beach days :)

  9. Happy anniversary!! What a beautiful family you have, and so much love... <3 The photo of your husband lifting your son up is my favorite. :)


  10. Happy Anniversary, it looks like you had such a lovely time! I loved all your pictures as well, they are all beautiful!

  11. That does seem like the perfect day. Thanks for sharing! I'm more relaxed just looking at these photos.

  12. You guys are such a sweet fam! I'm glad you had a lovely day together!

  13. Congratulations on your anniversary! The pictures are absolutely terrific and it's so nice that you had a lovely day together!

  14. Happy anniversary! Beautiful pictures and a stunning family! :)

  15. beautiful photos it looks gorgeous there!

  16. What a beautiful family and location! It looks like you guys had a great day :)


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