Saturday, September 27, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 261 - 267 ♥

On Saturday I captured a picture of my boy after he came home from his grandparents house. He was sitting watching cartoons and strumming away on his ukulele. I think he looked like such a little rockstar with the way he was dressed. He's one cool kid for sure.

On Sunday night I captured my daily picture of my boy. I think the flash on my phone disturbed him a bit and he made a pained face when I took his photo, he then turned over as if to tell me to go away. Bold mumma!

On Monday morning I had a very tired boy who just wanted to laze on the couch watching cartoons. He was quite stylish though in his pleather leggings, I never though I'd dress my son in pleather but I'm loving the Russell Brand look on him.

On Tuesday I caught a picture of Tyler Lee playing with a football which one day magically appeared in the back garden - very strange as there are no children living in the houses next to us. He doesn't kick the ball but likes to pick it up and drop it down again. I think he's going to be a goalie!

On Wednesday we had a lovely family day at the beach. Tyler Lee had an absolute ball splashing around in the rock pools and exploring the beach. I love this picture I caught of him looking up at the clouds and smiling, I wonder what it was that made him smile?

On Thursday Tyler Lee went shopping with his Nana and Grandma and he was dressed up all lovely in a beautiful old-fashioned style top. I just had to get a picture of him wearing it but of course he wouldn't stay still or look at the camera! I love his long blonde curls, which just seem to get longer by the day. Baby blue really suits him.

On Friday my boy and I were curled up on the sofa watching his favourite programme ever - Teletubbies! It's so sweet to see how excited he gets when he sees the sun and all the characters, he always waves hello and says "hiya" to them, super cute!



  1. Cute pictures! Love the idea behind the photo project!

  2. Such a cutie pie! Every time I see a pic I can't get over how PERFECT that hair is!

  3. I just can't get enough of your little one! His hair is incredible! :) What a cutie - and love all the photos! I'm loving following you on Instagram! :) (I'm @mommybrush) :)

  4. Look at those curls! I love that picture of him just sitting there looking tired. Cute!

  5. Tyler Lee has the BEST wardrobe! And I love his little blonde ringlets--my husband had similar hair when he was little, and he was really, really hoping that our daughter would get them, too. No such luck, as she inherited my straight hair!

  6. Aw! I love his little pleather leggings. So cute!

  7. Really cute photo project idea! His curls are so cute! ^_^

  8. look at those curls! Adorable!

  9. I just love your baby's bandana bibs, so cute.

  10. I love your Project365 posts! I just can't get enough of your little man's curly hair and blue eyes! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your son has the cutest set of curls ever...!! Who was he lucky enough to inherit them from? :) Love this new addition to your photo project!



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