Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Fairy Trails & Folklore At Wells House Co. Wexford ♥

Tyler Lee and I recently went to Co. Wexford to see some friends, my best friend in fact and her gorgeous little daughter who is two days younger than Tyler Lee and whilst we were there we visit the beautiful grounds of Wells House and experienced all the magic it has to offer. Wells House Lady Frances Woodland Walk boasts a fantastic fairy trail which is perfect for little ones to explore and actually quite fun for us adults too, especially those fairy and folklore lovers amongst us. The woodland walk so beautifully done, adorned with wooden pieces along the way to keep little (and big!) eyes occupied and on the lookout for the next amazing thing to find, glittered tree roots and moss, knarled old trees, charming little wooden characters, the atmosphere there is so magical. The bases of some trees have little hand carved fairy doors on them with the bases of the trees sprinkled with multi-coloured glitter, this is such a simple thing but I love it and shall be stealing this idea for my own back garden and the hobbit door which I purchased at Wells House for the very reasonable price of €5. My favourite fairy door along the way was the rainbow door, the colours were fantastic and hey, who doesn't love rainbows?! The woodland walk also offers a wooden car, some knarly looking seats which are so beautiful to look at, I want one for my own garden, a fairy castle (amazing!) and a gruffalo from the much loved children's books. Everything at Wells House is so simple yet so amazing at the same time and I just loved the folklore of it all. There is also a wishing well where myself and Tyler Lee gave a penny each to make a wish, lets hope they come true! I think the fairy trail will be a fantastic thing to do again once he's a bit younger as this time round he was a bit pre-occupied with running away, as I'm sure most toddlers do but I would love for him to experience the magic of it all once again and search for the fairies in awe with me whilst taking delight in the surprises the fairy trail has to offer along the way. Tyler Lee absolutely loved the wooden hopscotch though and said the words "one, two, three" as he was going along it, I was so proud as I had never heard him say those words before, maybe the fairies gave him a bit of their magic to help him along with his speech!

After a homemade picnic and some wasp altercations we let the little ones play to their hearts content at the playground which boats slides, swings and a wooden train for children of all ages, the facilities are actually great at Wells House and TL and A would have been only too happy to stay playing there all day. We then moved on to the courtyards which house rescue animals who are now up for adoption, I took to a fawn coloured, long-haired rabbit who was just beautiful but unfortunately I don't think he'd have survived the journey back to Cork. The little ones loved seeing the rabbits, guinea pigs, horse, donkey, goats and pigs and we even ventured into the reptile house for a look, they loved it! After our very busy day we visited the lovely little shops which are on the grounds on Wells House. I loved them all and for me they had the image of a little folklore village as they sold all things wooden, old-fashioned and fairy-like, they really were lovely and this is where I picked up my hobbit door from Irish Faery Doors. We didn't venture into Wells House itself but it looks so beautiful from the outside and is a place which we shall surely visit again in the future.

If you haven't been already Wells House really is worth the trip, especially if you're a fairy and folklore lover like my friend and I. There is so much for the little ones to see and do there and plenty of space for them to run around. It really is a beautiful place to visit and at only €8 entry per car (which you pay on the way out) it's so reasonably priced too. I shall remember our lovely, magical adventure for a long time to come.


  1. That first photo took my breath away. GORGEOUS!! I am dying to get overseas and being a fan of your blog is making the need grow that much more!

    1. Awh that's lovely, thank you Stephanie. I highly recommend a trip to Ireland!

  2. Lovely post! I love all the fairy doors on the trees and Tyler Lee's expression while sitting in the big chair is priceless! :) So adorable!!!

  3. It really look like a fairytale place. I loved the "little couple too". They are just adorable. <3 :))

  4. it's all so beautiful! the castle and the tiny fairy doors are AMAZING.

  5. What an enchanted place! I love the fairy doors and Ireland is just the place for it with all it's legends and folklore!

  6. Replies
    1. I think it's a great place for the little ones :)

  7. I enjoyed looking at your photos! Oh! I share your addiction to pannacottas too.


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