Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Toddler Autumn/Winter Bucket List ♥

With autumn fast approaching I've been thinking of all the lovely things I'd like to do with Tyler Lee in the colder months of the year, this being the second autumn and winter of his life. I love spring and summer but there is something so tempting about autumn and winter that leaves me longing for nights in front of the fire, comfort food and warm, comfy clothes. Now that Tyler Lee is past the one and a half mark and a walking, curious, adventurous little toddler there are so many things I'd like us to do together in the colder, cozier seasons of the year. I've decided to compile a little bucket list of some autumn and winter activities and moments I'd like us to have together, hopefully I'll be able to cross everything off with my little cherub in tow. We had a wonderful autumn and winter last year even though my boy was so small so hopefully this year will be even more adventurous, fun and jam packed  now that he's able to do activities with me.

1. Put together another Christmas Eve basket for Tyler Lee and give it to him an hour before he goes to bed on Christmas Eve.
2. Buy more winter/Christmas themed books and have an epic story-time in front of the fire.
3. Roast marshmallows and dip them in hot chocolate.
4. Go trick-or-treating. (No one to go with :( )
5. Dress both of us in costume for Halloween. (done 31/10/14)
6. Carve pumpkins and put candles in them, put them outside the front door. (Too late buying them)
7. Go pine cone and leaf collecting in the woods. (done 29/09/14)
8. Collect conkers and put string in them for conker games. (Couldn't find any conkers!)
9. Jump in a pile of leaves. (done 04/11/14)
10. Visit Believe at Fota again.
11. Watch The Addams Family and Casper on Halloween night. (He wouldn't watch them!)
12. Build a snowman (if it snows!).
13. Have snow cones.
14. Cuddle up on the couch with the fire on watching Disney movies.
15. Send a letter to Santa.
16. Leave a carrot for Rudolph and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.
17. Make paper snowflake decorations.
18. Put a blanket on the floor and have an indoor picnic in front of the fire.
19. Take a chilly walk in the woods amongst the falling leaves. (done 04/11/14)
20. Buy a teepee and make it a special reading place.
21. Bake Christmas cookies, let Tyler Lee decorate.
22. Have a mini photo session in a leaf pile.
23. Go on a nature walk. (done 29/09/14)
24. Visit a Christmas fair.
25. Visit another castle.
26. Sit on a hay bale and take some pictures.(done 04/11/14)
27. Have another family day out.
28. Have a snowball fight (if it snows!).
29. Buy lots of cute Christmas outfits for Tyler Lee and take lots of pictures.
30. Visit Santa.
31. Have another Christmas photo session. (Toddler would not co-operate :( )
32. Visit our friends in Wexford. (done 03/09/14)
33. Let Tyler Lee help decorate his own special little Christmas tree.
34. Do leaf printing.
35. Do apple bobbing.
36. Make homemade soup and have it with soda bread.
37. Buy new pyjamas for Christmas Eve.
38. Do something special for daddy's birthday.
39. Pick some apples in Barryscourt Castle orchard. (done 16/09/14)
40. Celebrate Valentines Day and make sweet treats.
41. Make sure Tyler Lee has an amazing 2nd birthday.

I hope I can cross everything off the list. I'm now filled with images of colourful falling leaves, mittens and scarves, cute jumpers and coats, Christmas decorations, twinkling lights and lots of cuddles with my boy. I seriously cannot wait.



  1. I wish I had a cherub in tow. It sounds cozy and maybe spiritual.
    But it must be nice to plan all sorts of activities for your little one.

    1. It's lovely to be planning all these things :)

  2. OMG!!! That is the sweetest and cutest list I've ever read! I hope you get to cross them all off! xx

    1. Thank you Nadia, I really hope so too :)

  3. Love that you have a toddler bucket list for autumn! Looks like you have lots of fun planned. :-)

    1. Thank you, we've lots of fun planned indeed!

  4. This is absolutely precious! I love your ideas and can't wait for you to check them off!

  5. I love the idea of making a bucket list to do with your kiddo! You have so many great crafts on there.

  6. Fab list Fiona! We do the Christmas Eve basket tradition too! Lots of gorgeous things for you to with your little guy! Have fun!

  7. I love all of these! I just may have to steal a few of these to enjoy with my nieces. :)

  8. I LOVE this post! Such lovely little ideas for things to do! x

  9. These are so cute! Love the idea! And he looks so cute in that cat hat!


  10. I love your list! I've always written lists and saved them so I don't overlook stuff or forget about something. Sounds like an amazing fall/winter ahead for you and yours! <33

  11. What a great list for a bucket list! You'll have so much fun making memories.

  12. Now that's a fun bucket list! I can't wait to see/read the fun you have!

  13. Sorry, not on Stumble Upon but I do love the list. What a great idea for the beginning of each month to make sure that you don't miss the little but important things. Can't wait to see what you do with the birthday party!

  14. What a fun bucket list, you guys are prepared! Roasting marshmallows and dipping them in hot chocolate sounds delicious!

  15. I love this list! I want to jump into a pile of leaves too!!!

  16. I can't believe I missed this! I saw your comment on mine and thought "I haven't read that", so I quickly hopped on here!! Lovely list, like all the ones for the build up to Christmas, reading this is getting me oh so excited!!!

    Kay xxx


  17. My favourte seasons are here! your bucket list is very inspireing. I hope to be able to do some of them too.


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