Saturday, August 30, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 233 - 239 ♥

I absolutely love this shot I captured of my beautiful babe on Saturday morning. He's being so cuddly, affectionate and loving these days and I can't get enough. The expression on his face is so beautiful to me and I love his little dummy tuck with his lip sticking out, he's held his dummy like this since he was small, it's his little quirk.

 Tyler Lee has a rather love/hate relationship with the camera so it's much easier for me to get a picture of him whilst he's sleeping these days. I got this shot just before I went to bed myself at about half ten. He was sleeping so cozily with his minky blanket and his comforters surrounding him. I love how peaceful he looks when he's sleeping.

 On Monday Tyler Lee's new viking hat arrived and he was being very smiley! His daddy and I love this hat, shame it's not a little bit bigger but it'll be find for autumn and winter. Yay for smiley babies and double yay for funky hats!

 On Tuesday my boy and I went shopping with his daddy. I loved his little outfit, a Led Zeppelin t-shirt and skull print cardigan from H&M, a star print bib and some hipster leggings which I bought off Etsy. I love the clash of prints and the angelic look on T.L.'s face, I think black and white photos suit him well.

 On Wednesday my boy and I had a quiet day at home and I got his daily picture whilst he was eating his lunch. This boy loves cheddar cheese! It's the first think he goes to on the plate and some days all he'll eat is the cheese off his lunch plate. Why the fascination I wonder?!

On Thursday Tyler Lee and I were out with his Nana and by the time we got home all he wanted to do was sit on the floor by the rug and watch cartoons. I loved his outfit, his Winne the Pooh t-shirt and fawn print leggings, so adorable!

On Friday my boy decided he wanted to lie on my bed and just be silly. He loved the flash off the digital camera and I love the couple of shots I got of him. Love his smiley face, Tyler Smiler for sure! I'm so sad that these gorgeous Slugs n' Snails rainbow print tights are getting to small though, I love them.



  1. Keep going for the record of most photographed child in the world! ;-)

  2. You have such a cute little one!

  3. I love all the many faces in these photos! So cute.

  4. He is absolutely adorable! I just want to snuggle with him and his curly hair!

  5. The first picture is just perfect! <3


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