Saturday, August 09, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 212 - 218 ♥

Another week has flown by, another week that I've captured in a daily picture of my son. I really can't wait to look back on all these images on January 1st 2015 and see just how much he's grown and changed. On Saturday my boy and I were snuggling on the couch watching his favourite show Teletubbies. He absolutely loves the sun and was laughing when LaLa and Po slid down the slide and were eating their tubby toast. The minute he hears the theme music he always runs into me to watch it.

 On Sunday my boy was out in his grandparents garden all afternoon and the country air really tired him out. I found him asleep like this when I went to check on him, all snuggled up to his PupPup.

 On Sunday Tyler Lee and I went to a car boot sale with my friend and our son. Before we left Tyler Lee was snacking on a bowl of his new favourite treat sultanas, the boy just loves dried fruit! I wish I was as healthy as him.

 On Tuesday Tyler Lee was eating his lunch when I got his picture and the little poser that he is just had to stop and look straight at the camera after his fit of giggles. I love this shot of him, probably because he looks so much like his daddy in it.

On Wednesday Tyler Lee was a very lucky boy when he was treated to a trip to the toy shop where his daddy picked him up his first dinky cars and his much beloved Henry Hoover! Tyler Lee has a slight obsession with the hoover so we had to get him his own because I don't want him being around all the dust and dirt. He was busy hoovering the garden when his daddy got this shot of him.

On Thursday I took Tyler Lee out to his grandparents house and he was busy running around with the dog and sharing his gingerbread man with him, how caring he is! All the country air tired him out once again and I got his daily picture whilst he was sleeping.

On Friday I took my boy to the seaside where he decided to run into the water with his shoes still on and get all wet and mucky. I gave him his dinner and then a nice warm splash splash. He was giving his rubber ducky lots of hugs and "awww's" it was the cutest thing ever!



  1. Another week showing a happy, full of activities little angel. <3

  2. These reviews are precious. It sounds like you guys got some good time in with the grandparents this week. I'm pretty excited to see January's pictures compared to the ones you'll take on December. Have a great rest of the weekend!

  3. I am loving his curly hair! To cute and such a great idea I will have to start doing.
    Goofball Mommy

  4. Great pictures!
    Tyler Lee is little sweet curly angel!:))

  5. What a sweet little boy! Love the curls!!

  6. His hair! How cute! I'd cry if I ever had to cut curls like that.


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