Saturday, August 02, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 207 - 213 ♥

Another week, another roundup of my #Project365, the weeks really are just zooming by now and even though we're in the height of summer I really do think that it won't be long until the colder, more colourful autumn arrives. This week my boy was having lots of fun during his 'splash splash' and was giggling his little heart out at me, with the picture I took I was able to see into his mouth (he won't let me go near it!) and I discovered that he now has twelve little pearly white teeth! On Sunday we went to my parents house for dinner and Tyler Lee was running around the garden with his old pal Tyson the boxer dog and was having lots of frozen drinks, it wouldn't be summer without a frozen drink... or three! On Monday my little ace of spades and I went for a walk in the woods... only he wouldn't walk and I had to carry him, not great when it's boiling hot and you're having to walk up hills! On Tuesday I tried to read Tyler Lee a bedtime story but he was having none of it, instead opting to look at the illustrations himself in his cot, he's too grown up for my liking! On Wednesday his daddy and I took him to Roches Point, a scenic spot about half an hour away from our home where you can see the harbour of Cork. Tyler Lee loved playing in the sad and splashing around in the rock pools, he's such a little beach bum, I think he'll be a surfer for sure, after all he does have the hair for it!

On Thursday it was just my boy and I as daddy was at work all day, Tyler Lee actually had a breakdown when his daddy was leaving for work, it was heartbreaking to see and then he was being quite mischievous for the rest of the day, not doing what he was told and not going to bed for me, the terrible twos have really begun and he just misses his daddy so much when he's not around. On Friday my boy and I just had a lazy day enjoying each others company. Once again he was fighting his sleep and was then too tired to eat his lunch, this boy really wants to change up his normal routine! We had a lovely day together though, he loved when I was chasing him around the garden and actually stood still by the wall when I wanted to take his picture, I was amazed!



  1. Lovely snaps and very cute baby!

  2. He is so beautiful, love those curls, fab photos too, I hope you have a lovely weekend. X

    1. Thank you so much Cathy. Have a great weekend you too! xo

  3. Lovely pictures. He's so adorable :)

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  4. Wow, those curls are somethin' else!! :D Love them!

    ~ Valerie

  5. He's really cute reading his bed time story :D I guess the teeth won't bother hom so much soon

  6. Such a cute baby! I definitely love his curls! Have a great day! :)

    Style Reader

  7. Hi! I see all the pictures of your beautiful baby and, of course, he's absolutely adorable! I have to say something about your dog though. lol I have a boxer too and they look almost the same. I've heard that they're really good with children. So, I'm sure he makes a great companion. :)

  8. Such an adorable little man with all that curly blonde hair. What an awesome idea to document a picture for everyday in the year. It will be interesting to be able to look back at how much he changes in just one year.

  9. Your little guys is too cute! How old is he? We have a 21 month old who keeps us on our toes!

  10. Love this! I tried to do a 365 a few years ago, but totally failed.

  11. He is a cutie!! You will have so many memories captured in these pics.


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