Saturday, July 05, 2014

Where Breakfast Comes From - From The Insight Of Children ♥

Photo courtesy of Mummypages.
 As a parent one of the things I can't wait to experience is my son bombarding me with his insightful, childlike mind, asking me questions which I probably won't be able to answer and letting me know what he thinks of certain things only with the refreshing honesty only a child can give you. I love reading about or hearing about funny things children say and their views on the world so when I saw the recent video of Irish mothers quizzing their children about where their breakfasts come from I just had to have a bit of a giggle. A child's mind is such a wonderful thing and hearing children say that milk comes from bees, or their mother's boobs and that their breakfast cereal was collected from trees by monkeys or came from the Philippines who just have to think - where did they get those ideas from?! Recent research by Kelloggs revealed that although most children didn't know where their food came from, 74% wanted to know, proving that children are just as curious about the everyday things as the world as us adults are, probably even more so! I know as a mother that I'd like my son to be aware of where his food comes from, make informed choices on what he should be eating and support Irish produce whenever he can, all things I try to do myself. It's important for me to teach him these things to carry on to adulthood and I can't wait for all the hilarious things he's going to ask and say along the way!

An Irish parenting website, Mummypages, has recently teamed up with Kelloggs to help Irish children become more aware of what they are eating and where their foods come from. The below video, which in my opinion is rather sweet, I seriously can't wait to ask Tyler Lee these things and hear his answers, was made by Mummypages mother's and their children.

Yes this video is quite funny and cute but I think the most important thing is if it encourages parents to talk more about food and where it comes from with their children then that can only be a good thing. I know as an adult that these factors are important to me when choosing my food, instilling these interests in food to our children is a great thing to do, just think about how even more wonderful the weekly food shop would be with your even more informed children in tow!



  1. It's such a shame parents don't talk to their kids about where food comes from. But I too can't wait for those funny questions from my babies

  2. Awww, very cute! I think it's one of those things that can be forgotten about when teaching children things, but it's actually pretty important! Lovely post!

  3. The younger they're interested in thinking about food the better.

  4. Very nice post. Love the video. I also think parents should talk more about food with their children

  5. So funny! But they're actually pretty well informed for their age. :D

  6. mis hijos tienen 4 y 5 años, y claro, están en la edad que lo preguntan todo, de donde viene todo, y a donde va! pero claro, hay mucha información que aún desconocen, poco a poco y con paciencia!!


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